“Cheers” Cliff Calvin endorses Linda McMahon … a force of nature

I know ironic. John Ratzenberger, who played a federal employee on Cheers, standing up Linda McMahon. But John is a hard working self made man who turned his talents into an amazing franchise, and when you listen to this ad you see that come through. I am not sure this plays big on TV because people love slogans and sluggin … but I was more than a little impressed. Read more

Governor Chris Christie: what will you tell your children …

… if you let this opportunity slip away. Chris Christie paid a visit to Connecticut to campaign and endorse Linda McMahon and the most telling moment came in the first video below, toward the end of the speech. “You need to stand up and fight.” Read more

Blumenthal holds 5 point lead over McMahon in Connecticut US Senate race

Interesting. The margin of error for this Rasmussen poll is 4 points, after surveying 750 likely voters in Connecticut the two days after the most recent – and last – McMahon vs. Blumenthal debate. Blumenthal 51 percent, McMahon 46 percent, while 4 percent are undecided or want someone else.

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Change! Blumenthal widens lead over McMahon

How? Why? Because he knows the economy so well? Because his cure for unemployment is sue the companies that provide the jobs? No, wait. It’s wrestling. Yeah, that’s it. Wrestling? This, my friends, is scary. Read more

McMahon calls out Blumenthal in final debate … and wins going away – Update – Shorter video

The subheading on this one should be “Shhhhhhhhhhhh”. Feisty crowd, feisty McMahon and a Blumenthal who pretty much put me to sleep. But there were some classic moments, as you’ll see. Read more

Redux – the economics of the minimum wage – McMahon vs Blumenthal Senate race

Since Jim’s discussing the minimum wage this morning – and looking for callers to argue against his point of view on the topic – I figured I would provide a few links to past posts here on Radio Vice Online concerning the minimum wage.

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Linda: It’s all about jobs, private sector jobs

and that’s not all. Linda McMahon pledged no tax increases and work to cut taxes, make government live within its means and roll back government spending to 2008 levels. Who knew such talk would be considered controversial in Connecticut? Read more

Smack Down: Connecticut US Senate race a dead heat UPDATE: Let’s get ready to rumble

Gulp! She’s got him in a hammer lock. He’s down. There’s one shoulder on the mat. Ooooooooooh, the Attorney General is looking for someone to tag. Linda McMahon continues to prove the experts (other than moi) wrong, wrong, wrong and more proof that even in Connecticut, no Democrat is safe. Read more

Sinking: The Blumenthal slide continues

Rasmussen’s latest poll on the Connecticut Senate race gives us the “Tale of the Tape”. Linda McMahon continues to close the gap on the “golden boy”. More telling for crown prince Blumenthal, the leaners are breaking for McMahon. Momentum! Read more

Vicevich Rant: You want steroids? I’ll give you steroids.

Something new. The rant goes to video and the Radioviceonline blog. Now you’ll never miss it. Today’s rant … well the title says it all. Transcript below. Read more