EP. 8 - John Hayward on impeachment, and nobody likes Schiff

Why does the left and the media - but I repeat myself - have a premature tendency to hype stories they think will bury Trump? Tonight, John Hayward on impeachment.

EP. 7 - Prof. Walter Williams, Taxation is robbing us of liberty

Professor Walter Williams joins us to discuss taxation, and how it robs all of us of liberty.

EP. 6 - Don Pesci and Retired Major General Marks have a few words for Murphy

Conservative columnist and RVO contributor Don Pesci discusses the liberal hypocrisy of Sen. Chris Murphy.

EP. 5 - Interview with Barbara Vicevich, the Sound off Sister

Jim and Jane continue their conversation comparing Communism and Capitalism with former Assistant District Attorney Barbara Vicevich.

EP. 4 - Interview with John Hinderaker from Powerline Blog, plus impeachment

Jim and Jane discuss the impeachment of President Trump with John Hinderaker from Powerline Blog.

EP. 3 - Don Pesci discussing Connecticut tolls, excessive taxation and liberty

Jim Vicevich and Jane Benson speak with Don Pesci concerning tolls, excessive taxation and liberty.

EP. 2 - Interview with John Hayward - Giving thanks as others fight for freedom

Jim Vicevich and Jane Benson speak with John Hayward on freedom.

EP. 1 - The evils of socialism

Jim Vicevich has a discussion with podcast co-host Jane Benson about the evils of socialism.