EP. 67 – Hayward on Georgia election laws

John Hayward from Breitbart News talks about the Democrat narrative likening Georgia election law to the "Jim Crow" era.

EP. 66 – Don Pesci on the Biden “press conference”

Conservative columnist Don Pesci on Joe Biden's press conference and why he is worried about our country and why you should be too.

EP. 65 – Jazz Shaw & John Hayward on UFOs and capitalism

John Hayward jumps on to review how the left is trying to bury capitalism. Plus Jazz Shaw discusses one of his favorite topics; UFOs.

EP. 64 – Bob McGuffee and a new TEA Party movement?

With the Biden COVID relief package approaching $4 trillion, is it time for a new TEA Party movement?

EP. 63 – The faulty logic behind the minimum wage

Dr. Walter Williams and Milton Friedman on the faulty logic behind the minimum wage.

EP. 62 – Banning Trump supporters from federal jobs

Todays podcast features Jazz Shaw from Hot Air on the Democrat's push to ban Trump supporters from federal jobs.

EP. 61 – Update on the impeachment trial

Former assistant US attorney and law professor Barbara Vicevich speaks with Jim and Jane on the latest attempt to impeach Former President Donald J. Trump.

EP. 60 – Hayward on Biden – Back on the world stage?

John Hayward and The Sound off Brother (Tom Vicevich) join Jim and Jane to discus President Biden’s announcement that America is "back on the world stage."

EP. 59 – Ed Guay and Barbara Vicevich – China & Trump impeachment

China economic expert Ed Guay from Wintonbury Risk Management discusses China's plans for economic world dominance.

EP. 58 – Keith Phaneuf on Connecticut avoiding tax increases

Keith Phaneuf from CT Mirror discusses the current state of Connecticut's budget. Tax increases should be OFF the table since the state seems flush with cash.

EP. 57 – John Hayward, the clamp-down on conservatives

John Hayward from Breitbart News speaks with Jim and Jane about - what certainly appears to be - a clamp-down on conservative media outlets.

EP. 56 – Georgia Senate election and what to expect from Biden

On today's podcast, conservative columnist Don Pesci on Georgia, John Hayward on a Biden administration and Jana explains why she's afraid.