EP. 46 - Ed Morrissey and Chris Healy - On Polling

Ed Morrissey from HotAir joins Jim and Jane to discuss the Trafalgar Poll indicating a Trump victory on Nov. 3.

EP. 45 - Vicevich & Pesci on the Amy Coney Barrett hearings

Today, Barbara Vicevich and Don Pesci join Jim and Jane to discuss the SCOTUS Amy Coney Barrett hearings.

EP. 44 - The risks of mail-in voting, plus current polls

The real risks of mail-in voting. There is no reason we should be required to deal with the upcoming chaos. Plus, the current polling.

EP. 43 - Vicevich & Hayward discuss SCOTUS & Hunter Biden

Barbara Vicevich and John Hayward join the podcast to discuss the SCOTUS nomination and the House report concerning Hunter Biden.

EP. 42 - Don Pesci and Barbara Vicevich on COVID rules

Don Pesci and Barbara Vicevich discuss the constitutionality of governors ordering closures to reduce the spread of COVID.

EP. 41 - Featuring Jazz Shaw (Hot Air) & John Hayward (Doc Zero)

Today - Jazz Shaw on mail-in balloting and John Hayward discusses a Czech mayor calling the Chinese Foreign Ministry a gang of “unmannered rude clowns.”

EP. 40 - Featuring John Hinderaker and Barbara Vicevich

John Hinderaker and Barbara Vicevich on Clinesmith plea, the DNC convention and mail-in ballots.

EP. 39 - Doc Zero on Biden's VP pick, Harris

John Hayward - Doc Zero from Breitbart News - discusses the the Kamala Harris VP pick for Joe Biden with Jim and Jane.

EP. 38 - Race and Economics with Dr. Walter Williams

Professor Walter E. Williams, professor of economics at George Mason University speaks with Jim and Jane about race and economics.

EP. 37 - Republican strategist Stephanie Conway on the recent Texas polling

Republican strategist and Texas resident Stephanie Conway discusses why President Trump may be behind in the polls in Texas; normally a reliably red state.

EP. 36 - Jazz Shaw from HotAir, Erasing American history

Jazz Shaw, the weekend editor and contributor to conservative blog HotAir, joins Jane and Jim on the podcast this week.

EP. 35 - SCOTUS ruling on Trump tax returns

Special podcast today discussing the recent SCOTUS decision concerning Congress' demand for President Trump's tax returns.