Ep. 89 – Vaccine mandates and China’s expansion

The vaccine mandate has lit a fire under Jane. She will explain, and Jim is fired up over Biden sleeping while China dominates.

Ep. 88 – Parents fight for control of their kids education

Should parents have a say in what their children are taught? Moms for Liberty step up again.

Ep. 87 – Lamont granted 6th extension of emergency powers

Another power grab as Lamont is granted extension of emergency powers?

Ep. 86 – Moms against the Fauci mask mandate

Moms against the mask mandate plus we discuss Nancy Pelosi's bashing of capitalism.

Ep. 85 – Biden’s Afghanistan surrender

Vietnam war veteran and author Ron Winter joins us to express outrage over Biden’s Afghanistan surrender.

Ep. 84 – SCOTUS says “Remain in Mexico”

SCOTUS refuses to block a court ruling ordering the Biden administration to reinstate "remain in Mexico" policy.

Ep. 83 – The Afghanistan withdrawal

Vietnam war veteran and author Ronald Winter joins jim and Jane to discuss the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Ep. 82 – Voter fraud

Voter fraud podcast.

Ep. 81 – Mask mandate redux & defunding police

President Biden wants to impose a mask mandate again. This time people are pushing back the moms have stated a group - Unmask our Kids.

Ep. 80 – Inflation concerns and the Paul vs. Fauci showdown

We discuss inflation concerns with Don Pesci, plus we check out the Paul vs. Fauci showdown on Capital Hill.

Ep. 79 – COVID rights surrender

Our rights surrendered are rights lost. Conservative columnist Don Pesci reviews how we are giving up rights in name of COVID.

Ep. 78 – Ron Winter on the Afghanistan withdrawal, and CRT

We welcome Vietnam veteran and author Ron Winter as we discuss the ongoing withdrawal from Afghanistan.