Ep. 147 – Illegal border crossings and the fentanyl crisis

We're addressing the porous southern border and the fentanyl crisis because of it.

Ep. 146 – The Murdaugh Murders

Former federal prosecutor aka Sound off Sister Barbara Vicevich joins Jim and Jane to discuss the emotional testimony at the trial.

Ep. 145 – Biden’s commitment to Ukraine, but not Ohio

Nationwide TEA Party leader Bob Macguffie joins Jim and Jane to talk about President Biden’s commitment to Ukraine, as Palestine, Ohio gets ignored.

Ep. 144 – China – A spy ballon and military conflict?

Today's podcast centers on getting ready for a military conflict with China.

Ep. 143 – Hunter’s laptop and the China spy balloon

Viet Nam helicopter gunner and best selling author Ron Winter talks to communist defector Jana Kandlova about the China spy balloon. What does Ron think President Biden did wrong?

Ep. 142 – Tyre Nichols death and socialism

Retired cop Steve Estes joins Jim and Jane to discuss the death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Memphis police officers.

Ep. 141 – Biden’s classifieds, and Pentagon UFO documents

Hot Air editor and ufologist Jazz Shaw joins to discuss the release of more Pentagon UFO documents. Plus, Biden on classified documents.

Ep. 140 – Biden’s classified documents stash and Socialism in America

Former federal prosecutor Barbara Vicevich joins the RVO crew to talk about Joe Biden's legal troubles over classified papers found in multiple locations.

Ep. 139 – Lamont’s tax cut and Biden’s border sham

Connecticut budget expert Keith Phaneuff joins Jim and Jane to discuss a rare event; a Democrat proposing a tax cut. Plus, Biden at the border.

Ep. 137 – Illegal immigration is out of control

Illegal border crossings are out of control, touching almost every state. But the White House says the border is secure, even as illegal crossings hit a record high.

Ep. 138 – Twitter and the FBI, plus the southern border crossings

Erin Dwinell from the Heritage Foundation joins Jim and Jane to discuss the facts about illegal southern border crossings, now a record.

Ep. 136 – Open Borders

President Biden pretty much told border states this week that he does not care to deal with the illegal immigrants. We get the conservative take from Heritage Foundation's Erin Dwinell.