Ep. 122 – The Conn. GOP and the raid on Trump’s estate

Former US Attorney Barbara Vicevich talks with us about the raid on Trump's Florida estate. Was it legal?

Ep. 121 – The Inflation Reduction Act

Economist Ed Guay and Hot Air editor-in-chief Ed Morrissey join Jim and Jane to blow holes in the misnamed bill that claims spending will reduce inflation.

Ep. 120 – Biden and Democrats redefine recession

Are we headed for a recession? F0x News contributor Jonathan Hoenig says we're already there.

Ep. 119 – Democrats not interested in a Biden second term

We discuss the New York Times poll showing most Democrats don’t want Joe to run again for president. John Hinderaker joins us.

Ep. 118 – SCOTUS attacked on Roe, plus gun control

Unprecedented attacks on the institution of the Supreme Court, plus more gun control legislation from Congress.

Ep. 117 – SCOTUS overturns Roe v Wade and New York’s carry laws

Former federal prosecutor and law professor Barbara Vicevich joins Jim and Jane to react to both cases.

Ep. 116 – Senate votes on gun control

CNN calls the Senate's gun control legislation a breakthrough?

Ep. 115 – Kamala for president?

President Joe Biden's statements call into question his suffering from early-onset dementia.

Ep. 114 – New demands for more gun control

The mass shootings in Texas and Buffalo have led to new cries for more gun control.

Ep. 113 – Don’t be lured by the false promises of equality

Jane Benson warns Americans not to be lured by the false promises of equality.

Ep. 112 – Rising gas prices and gun free zones

Jonathan Hoenig joins Jim and Jane to talk about rising gas prices, plus the Texas school shooting.

Ep. 111 – Unidentified aerial phenomena, and the baby formula shortage

Noted UFOlogist and weekend editor of the top conservative blog hotair.com Jazz Shaw joins us to talk about the latest UFO footage