EP. 74 – Special Memorial Day Weekend podcast

Featuring best selling author Ronald Winter and gold star mom Leesa Philippon.

EP. 73 – Blue states use federal money to keep taxes low

Keith Pfaneuf from ctmirror.org joins us to talk about states scrambling for more revenue

EP. 72 – Texas, the Supreme Court and UFOs

Jazz Shaw from Hot Air on the new UFO video. Plus Barbara Vicevich on a new SCOTUS case and will Texas turn blue?

EP. 71 – HR1 and an Arizona audit update

An examination of HR1 and the Arizona presidential vote audit with conservative commentator Tom Vicevich and your phone calls.

EP. 70 – Vaccinate or loose your rights

The message is clear. Get vaccinated and do your "patriotic" duty. You have no choice. Plus, a California professor says police are not heroes.

EP. 69 – Arizona ballot audit & COVID relief bill

There’s a ballot audit of the 2020 election underway in Arizona. It seems at first glance an exercise in futility - and it may be - but the left is desperately trying to stop it. So if it’s just nuts why is the left so freaked out?

EP. 68 – Packing the court and the Chauvin trial

Former Federal Prosecutor Barbara Vicevich and conservative columnist Don Pesci join Jim and Jane to discuss packing the Supreme Court and the Chauvin trial.

EP. 67 – Hayward on Georgia election laws

John Hayward from Breitbart News talks about the Democrat narrative likening Georgia election law to the "Jim Crow" era.

EP. 66 – Don Pesci on the Biden “press conference”

Conservative columnist Don Pesci on Joe Biden's press conference and why he is worried about our country and why you should be too.

EP. 65 – Jazz Shaw & John Hayward on UFOs and capitalism

John Hayward jumps on to review how the left is trying to bury capitalism. Plus Jazz Shaw discusses one of his favorite topics; UFOs.

EP. 64 – Bob McGuffee and a new TEA Party movement?

With the Biden COVID relief package approaching $4 trillion, is it time for a new TEA Party movement?

EP. 63 – The faulty logic behind the minimum wage

Dr. Walter Williams and Milton Friedman on the faulty logic behind the minimum wage.