“Cheers” Cliff Calvin endorses Linda McMahon … a force of nature

I know ironic. John Ratzenberger, who played a federal employee on Cheers, standing up Linda McMahon. But John is a hard working self made man who turned his talents into an amazing franchise, and when you listen to this ad you see that come through. I am not sure this plays big on TV because people love slogans and sluggin … but I was more than a little impressed.

Impressed because he walks through his argument for supporting Linda issue by issue. It is worth the watch. “I pity anyone who gets in her way in Washington.”


After listening,  your mind immediately does a comparison with the Democrat Blumenthal, someone who has never created the job and who business people believe, helps make Connecticut business unfriendly. It’s about jobs and  John Ratzenberger understands that.

UPDATE: What kind of guy is John? The kind of guy whose determination … not just talent … made him a success. Read this from Wikipedia.

The character was co-created by Ratzenberger, who had earlier auditioned for the Norm Peterson role. The producers let him know that he had impressed them, but that he didn’t really click as Norm. Ratzenberger responded by pointing out that what the ensemble didn’t have was a “bar know-it-all“. They asked Ratzenberger for an example, he improvised some dialogue for the know-it-all, and he was invited to play the role for a two-show tryout; he remained a regular throughout the show’s 11-year run.

Never quit, believe in yourself, allow your talent to rise to the top. Now this is an endorsement.

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  1. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    Despite the fact that I agree with John 100% on the points he makes, I am fearful of the outcome of next Tuesday's election.  I wish I could say with great certainty that Linda can't lose, but I really don't think the voters of CT are smart enough and are going to send another Dodd off to Washington in the form of Blumenthal.  The fact that Obama, who is presiding over some seriously high unemployment #s, endorses a guy who has no clue how to create a job AND all some people can focus on is the types of jobs created by WWE is scary stuff.  If our government were treated more like a business — a fiscally sound business — and if it were run by people who have successfully built a business themselves, I think we'd really see things turn around.

    There are FOUR votes for Linda coming from my house.

  2. Odonna
    Odonna says:

    I like what Ratzenberger says.  I don't know why Linda doesn't pull out and away.  Are the people of CT just not paying attention–?

  3. RoBrDona
    RoBrDona says:

    Don't believe the polls completely. The undecided unaffiliated voter is still winnable. The unaffiliated are registered that way precisely because they do think. Every second leading up to this election is a chance to educate them about the disaster Blumie would bring to CT.

  4. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    You could cut that into about 4 – 5 good spots for television.  And you can see that he doesn't have to fake the sincerity of what he was saying.

  5. Sal C
    Sal C says:

    That would make some great ads . Thanks for the info about his character on Cheers was created that was interesting.

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