Howard Fineman: Hey, you folks in Connecticut are too smart to elect McMahon, well except Waterbury

I am not really sure why Fineman and Todd think this to be true … that Connecticut is too sophisticated to elect a successful business woman … but then … maybe you agree? Well except you folks in Waterbury. Heh. Read more

Blumenthal still up 20 … McMahon closes but negatives power the numbers

Egads … if she can’t close faster then this … the Republicans are in trouble, which they may be anyway. I have not gone through all of the internals, but there are two ways to look at this. First as we get closer to November, people are beginning to look a little closer at the “suit”. But you can’t beat someone with no one and while McMahon’s Positives are way up and negatives are way down, Blumenthal’s positives are way, way up. Read more

Rasmussen vs. Quinnipiac – Blumenthal vs. McMahon

Hold on here a second. Will someone in the media please take a look at the polling methodology between the Quinnipiac and Rasmussen polls concerning the US Senate race in Connecticut? Why are the results so different?

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Rasmussen Poll: Blumenthal loses 10 points to McMahon in two weeks

New poll from Rasmussen this morning. The poll was taken yesterday, but it’s not clear what time the poll started or completed. The poll included 500 likely voters in Connecticut, and had a margin of error of 4.5 percent. That means – as of this morning – it’s a dead heat between Blumenthal and McMahon.

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Connecticut says no to Obamacare … yes to Blumenthal

Not surprising. Either one. But at least it tells me a little of that “ye ole yankee spirit” lives in this deep blue state. But I’m still not sure how you can rate Obama so poorly on healthcare and the economy and send another professional Democrat back to Washington. Read more