Cavuto vs Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee- Playing the human shield game

It’s not new. Democrats use human shields to push every piece of big government legislation they propose. It’s just unusual to find someone like a Neil Cavuto to call Democrats on it. Fantastic ands funny … it’s your Cavuto moment of the day. Read more

Cavuto to Chris Matthews: I’m pissed

Fat seems to be a theme in Washington these days and frankly, it’s starting to really tick off one Neil Cavuto. Now you know how much I love Neil. He rarely takes offense at anything said about himself, but often at simply ridiculous comments made by others. Well we have one of those moments my little hostage takers … and this time the target is …. drum roll please … Chris Matthews. Yea! Read more

Cavuto’s plan to fix Government – cut the crap and cut government

Simple, yet elegant. No tax increases for anyone, cut spending in every Department and we’ll deal with the belly aching later, cut the commissions and the task forces and deal. I’ll take one of these please. Read more

Cavuto to Rosa DeLauro: I have no idea what you are talking about

In the old days this would be called a lesson in “double talk.” Before the age of information the main stream media would let DeLauro get away with kind of crap. But alas …. we will not. Neil asks a simple question … does the new infrastructure bank require that anyone who borrows from it use union labor on their projects. Bueller? Bueller?

Read more

Obama one term President? Hillary in the on-deck circle?

Saw this last night on Cavuto and we played it this morning. But Cavuto be right? And is Hillary ready to step to the plate? Batter up! Read more

Barney Frank wants a redo on Fannie and Freddie: That was then, this is now

I watched the entire Neil Cavuto interview last night with Barney Frank and I was stunned. Stunned at how Bawney kept patting himself on the back for being the only one to recognize the weakness of Fanny and Freddie, how he tried to hard to make reforms but was blocked by Bush every step of the way, and how we now need to throw Fannie and Freddie under the bus. Which doesn’t fit and why? Read more

Cavuto: The end of capitalism, or the race to insanity?

Once again Neil nails it as only he can. To put his commentary into perspective, on Wednesday 30,000 people showed up clamoring for public housing. Yesterday people who have been on unemployment for 99 weeks protested in New York, demandin an extention of their benefits another 20 weeks. The government is considering another housing bailout, no interest loans for homeowners who are facing foreclosure. On and on it goes. Neil is worried. My mom is worried. Read more

Cavuto on Obama new school nutrition plan – obnoxious

Not to mention another aspect of government control. It’s a nice little debate with nutritionist Mitzi Dulan … and the outcome is predictable … but Cavuto is not. Please sir, may I have some more.

The story revolves around the first lady’s battle against obesity in our kids. Good enough, but too much control over what parents should be doing? I think so.

The Child Nutrition Bill would allocate 4.5 billion dollar over a decade to support school cafeterias and introduce new standards for food sold in schools, including in vending machines.
The legislation, if passed, would effectively allow the Agriculture Department to ban junk food in schools.

Here’s the debate. As Cavuto says … stop telling parents how to raise their kids.


Also for your enjoyment:


Cavuto to Obama: It isn’t we don’t like you … we just don’t believe you

Great analysis of Obama’s most recent poll numbers that continue sinking to new lows. If the One “oneders” why … Cavuto gives him a clue. Read more

Did you hear the one about 3 million jobs created or saved?

Lies, damn lies, and statistics, but in this case only the first two apply because even though the report comes from the Council of Economic Advisors there are no credible statistics to be found anywhere in this story. It’s just lies, and frankly it is, as Neil Cavuto puts it, outright cruel. Read more