Obama one term President? Hillary in the on-deck circle?

Saw this last night on Cavuto and we played it this morning. But Cavuto be right? And is Hillary ready to step to the plate? Batter up!Neil makes the point that Obama has done everything a President can do and in just 18 months … why continue when you are getting beaten to a pulp everyday?

Then there’s this from Rasmussen Poll today that reports this:

Forty-eight percent (48%) of U.S. voters now regard President Obama’s political views as extreme. Forty-two percent (42%) place his views in the mainstream, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

By comparison, 51% see the views of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as mainstream. Thirty-five percent (35%) think Clinton’s views are extreme. Fourteen percent (14%) are undecided.

Among five top contenders for the White House in 2012, only former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is viewed as more extreme than the president. Just 38% say Palin’s views are mainstream, while 55% regard them as extreme.

Only Sara Palin? Yikes. Maybe the President was saying something when he said this something.


AP at Hot Air isn’t buying it, and his argument is persuasive.

But … seriously? The One, turning down another shot at the most powerful job in the world? If there was some sort of “global pope” position he could run for instead, that might tempt him, but I can’t see him hanging up his messiah laurel just to go write books and play 72 holes a day

How bout you? Take the poll.

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  1. phil
    phil says:

    One term by choice, one term by chance. mox nix.  Half term would be better.  Anyone seen his passport?

  2. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    He loves whining in the spotlight way too much to go away.  And I don't think the dems will let him go away.  I think he'll be campaigning hard for that 2nd term…doesn't mean he'll win, though.

  3. Odonna
    Odonna says:

    I think he likes the glory, vacations, and perks too much.  He'd have to be in a deep hole by then, like LBJ, to walk away without a fight.  And didn't he say it would take about 10 years to get the job done–?

  4. chris-os
    chris-os says:

    "why continue when you are getting beaten to a pulp everyday"

    That is the view from someone who only watches Faux News.

    By the way, is all this speculation like the endless cry that all incumbents are in trouble and they will be voted out?

    In the primaries, 324 incumbants ran-7 were voted out.

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      Bush got pummeled nearly every day of his presidency and served two terms.


      By the way, I never watch Fox news.   All network OTA broadcasts.

      • winnie888
        winnie888 says:

        Bush is still getting pummeled for the current administration's failures.  Nothing has changed…

        And Dims, it doesn't matter that you never watch Fox news…according to the lefties here, you do watch Fox news.  I've taken to watching shows like "The Ed Show" for the comedic value.  Because of commentators like him, my offspring now know that it's just a myth that republicans are hate-filled racists.

    • TomL
      TomL says:

      Chris. Obama likes to dish it out but he can't take it besides the real story is in November, thats when we'll see what incumbents are left from both parties. We might catch a small snapshot tonite when the returns are in but I don't think primaries paint a true picture.

  5. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    If he is affecting the change he wants, why would he stop at one term?

    Most Persidents have hefty egos.  He is not likely to walk away from a run at a second term.

  6. Friday John
    Friday John says:

    President Obama will not run again.  The next time he will not be able to get away with hiding his past.  There will be pressure on him to reveal his past writings, his passport, his college transcrips and funding.  He will no longer be able to hide behind the press and their willingness to ignore reporting and investigating his past.  Addiitonally, if republican's do get the house, they will begin investigating some of his actions.  His reaction to some of the revelations that they report will be something to watch.  How dare anyone challenge his Highness, the holy one!

  7. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Let him run.  He should take responsibility for what he is foisting on us.  Now he will have more than airy promises to offer as evidence of his qualifications to continue as president.  If Hillary ran, and he didn't, he would be absconding from this responsibility, and she would be able to say "not my fault" when the feces hit the fan.

  8. OkieJim
    OkieJim says:

    I don't think he'll pull an LBJ. His megalomaniac personality won't permit it, even if it were the healthiest course of action for the nation.


    And I really hope Hillary Clinton doesn't resign as Secretary of State. Considering whose policies she has to advance, she's doing a better job than any other of the Departmental secretaries. Imagine the amateur Obama could appoint to that position. *shudder*

  9. scottm
    scottm says:

    Why should he quit?  Because the morons at fox noise don't like him and criticize everything he does?  I suppose he could step down like Sarah Palin did when things in Alaska stopped being so rosy.  Oh wait a minute, she stepped down because she could better serve the country by getting interviewed by that great protector of the constitution Glenn Beck who would ask her the hard questions like "Who is your favorite founding father?" 

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