AFL/CIO Economist Ken Blackwell to Cavuto: You’re an a##hole

Not really sure what to say here. This interview got nasty in a hurry. Blackwell tried to make the case for even more government spending because the last trillion dollars generated jobs, just not enough. Cavuto tried to point out the nonsense of it all, insults started to fly and what happened next is pure platinum TV.

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Chris Christie on shared sacrifice and a Presidential bid

I’ll take one of these please. Last night Christie shared some insights on his budget cutting ways and his willingness to run for President in 2012. The former will continue, the later, now way. Make sure you watch it all. Read more

Fudging the jobs numbers – Cavuto exclusive UPDATE: By the numbers

Why should I be surprised? The economy is expected to have created a boatload of jobs … except it’s not the economy, it’s the census, and it’s not the census … it’s how the census jobs are counted. If they can’t count jobs correctly, how can they be expected to count people? Read more

Cavuto on his critics, fame and pain

As many of you already know, I admire Neil Cavuto so much. He not only is one of the hardest workers at Fox News (two shows daily, plus managing editor of FBC), he also struggles with a terribly debilitating disease, MS. He gives me courage and hope. Read more

Cavuto schools O’Reilly on Obamanomics: There is no free market

Too much. Neil Cavuto from FBN (which if you do not have  ….DEMAND IT … tried desperately to explain to Bill O’Reilly, why controlling the pay of even those companies taking bailout money, is just a bad idea. It’s a slippery slope. O’Reilly, at his populist best, scoffs. But there is a turning point about midway through. The money line … Bill, there is no free market. Watch all the way through and he will convince you too.


To my former WFSB colleague’s credit, he tells Neil, he has a point. Indeed.