Cavuto: The end of capitalism, or the race to insanity?

Once again Neil nails it as only he can. To put his commentary into perspective, on Wednesday 30,000 people showed up clamoring for public housing. Yesterday people who have been on unemployment for 99 weeks protested in New York, demandin an extention of their benefits another 20 weeks. The government is considering another housing bailout, no interest loans for homeowners who are facing foreclosure. On and on it goes. Neil is worried. My mom is worried.When you put it all together you have to wonder,when instead of demanding work, people are demanding bailouts … is capitalism finished?


So now we have people in New York protesting unemployment checks, people in Atlanta crushing each other for housing,


HUD offering troubled homeowners no interest loans. I worry too.

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  1. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    Sadly, Jim, I do believe that capitalism may be dead.  It's astounding how much this country has changed for the worse in just the past 18 months.

    It's pretty sick when you can't call an illegal an illegal when they're here illegally.  My head is spinning!

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Socialism is like the son (or daughter) of a successful businessman who builds up a business that provides jobs etc., and in particular, gives the child the best of everything with little effort, and the child always believes it is entitled to all the benefits of the business without contributing to it.  When the businessman dies, and passes the business on to the child, the child runs it into the ground, taking what he/she can and letting it fail.  (nevermind the fact that the government probably took half of the business as its "cut" when the businessman died)


    Socialism is that child, fat and spoiled by the father (capitalism) and thinking they know better than the parent.


    Socialism is touted as a phoenix rising from the ashes of a corrupt capitalistic system, but in fact, socialism is simply the ashes.  It is a sign of the decline of a society, not its rise.

    • NH-Jim
      NH-Jim says:

      Bravo Dimsdale,

      So well put!  And, if anyone wants proof of what happens when all that is left is ashes of socialism, take a look at Russia.  It's economy struggles to rebound and change to a capitalistic one.

  3. JollyRoger
    JollyRoger says:

    That was a parable of biblical proportions (Dims).  I think Dr. Spock is at fault for our society and the mindset of baby boomers in general. It's one of the inequities of life that our political class is filled with chirpy rich kids, both parties, who've never had their feet on the ground with dirt and dog sh*t between their toes!  Kerry, Bush, Obama? None of them ever had to duke it out, fix anything including their own bicycles, and none of them ever worked hard for anything- including a piece of arse!  And it's getting worse as we're now faced with a new class of gender-neuters like Mo Rocca who're so obsessed with their gay cowboy outfits and window dressing that they'll never see the forest or the trees- because they're too busy adoring their own reflections.

  4. BEA
    BEA says:

    Amen Neil, Amen…

    "They criticize me for harping on the obvious; if all the folks in the United States would do the few simple things they know they ought to do, most of our big problems would take care of themselves." President Calvin Coolidge

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