Wisconsin Capitol Damage $7.5 Mil. Plus, 22 caliber shells found on grounds

Have no fear my little mobsters, you look better everyday, thanks to the public unions in Wisconsin. For your viewing pleasure a little video from Madison. Those champions of the “middle class” and keepers of the “American Dream” left a few calling cards behind, before disbanding. Consider it a little memento of their principled stance against the man, and yes, it comes with a price tag. Read more

Wisconsin Republican threatened with death by Wisconsin Democrat speaks out.

Two H/Ts go out on this one. First Jim Hoft, who drew my attention to the original story yesterday. As hard it is to believe, it is true, a Wisconsin Democrat threatens a Republican legislator with “You’re f***in dead.” The details on the threat are below the fold. More importantly Hot Air points to an interview on Fox this morning with the Republican woman who was threatened with death. “Yes, I felt intimidated. Read more

Your Neil Cavuto moment: Wisconsin, in so many ways class dismissed

We haven’t had one of these in a while. Neil Cavuto on the teacher’s sick out in Wisconsin. Direct and pointed. “Class is dismissed … in very respect.” Read more

CT Unions turn out in support of Wisconsin – Not exactly a Tea Party moment

Hey, come on. It’s Connecticut. 300 union members isn’t that bad. At least the kids could still go to school. Read more

Your Matthews moment: Praises an “old SDS guy”. Gives unions free plug.

Hey, it’s his show. But why would you praise the SDS? What decade are you living in? And what does this say about the left? Read on my little mobsters. Read more

A short lived “civil” discourse

Last month in Tucson, President Obama gave one of his more memorable speeches at the memorial for those slain and injured in the Tucson shooting.  He called for a more “civil and honest public discourse”. Read more

Wisconsin public unions…it’s all about the money

This morning Jim read from an article about public unions, and their “contribution” to our country.  In case you missed the show, or, would like to read the full article, here is the link.  What follows are some of the highlights, or perhaps lowlights, which will explain graphically why you are seeing the show down in Wisconsin, and perhaps, a showdown in a state near you.

Indeed, public-sector unions especially have become the nation’s most aggressive advocates for higher taxes and spending… they mount multimillion dollar campaigns to defeat efforts by governors and taxpayer groups to roll back taxes.

Why?  To pay for the salaries, benefits and pensions of public employees.

In Oregon last year, the voters approved ballot measures that increased taxes by $727 million.

Led by $2 million from the Oregon Education Association and $1.8 million from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), unions contributed an estimated 75% of the nearly $7 million raised to promote the tax increases… [emphasis supplied].

In Washington state last year, an effort was made to raise taxes by $2 billion by increasing taxes on those making more than $200,000 per year.  Although the measure was defeated,

state and national SEIU locals gave $2.5 million, while the National Education Association and Washington teachers union locals contributed $900,000 to the $6 million campaign for the new income tax. [emphasis supplied]

In New Jersey,

[t]he New Jersey Education Association collects about $100 million a year in dues from its 203,000 members; last spring the union spent $300,000 a week, according to the head of the union, for radio ads urging tax increases on the rich instead of budget cuts. [emphasis supplied]

And, on the national level,

 the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (Afscme) has been the third-biggest contributor to federal campaigns over the past 20 years, having given $43 million. The National Education Association is number eight with $31 million in contributions, while the SEIU—half of whose 2.2 million members are government workers—is No. 10, with $29 million in campaign donations. [emphasis supplied]

Where did that money go, you ask?

…[S]ome 95% of government workers’ donations has gone to the Democratic Party, whose members are far more likely to favor raising taxes and boosting spending than are members of the Republican Party.

So, the next time you see a teacher protesting in Wisconsin, or hear an ad extolling the virtues of raising taxes on the rich, understand that it has nothing to do with the children, or the needy, or the sick.  It is solely about raising the money to continue to pay the bloated salaries, benefits and pensions of government union employees.

Don’t believe that last statement?  According to a chart in the print version of this article, per the Department of Labor, on average, private workers are paid $19.68 per hour, state and local government workers, $26.25; 74% of private workers have retirement benefits, while 99% of state and local workers do; 86% of private workers have medical benefits, while 99% of state and local workers do; and private workers pay 20% of their insurance premiums, while state and local workers pay 11%.

Democrat play book 101 on display in Wisconsin – Unions take control

Lots of news stories and blog posts about the teachers unions taking over the Wisconsin State Legislature yesterday and how the Democrats went into hiding to avoid what I suppose is their sworn duty. In reality they did not just hide, they fled the state.

Read more

Lame duck state government

This past week we saw, at least for a time, what happens when the party in power is shellacked, as the President called it, by the majority of the American public. In the Senate, Harry Reid (D. Nv.) brought a 1924 page Omnibus bill to the floor with an expected price tag of $1.2 trillion.  Americans were not happy.

But, this type of insult to the voters apparently wasn’t confined to the federal level.  State Democratic governors who lost the election to Republicans have engaged in the same conduct, this time to help the state employee unions.

In Iowa, Republican Gov.-elect Terry Branstad wants the state’s largest employee union to reopen the new contract it agreed on with departing Gov. Chet Culver last month. Mr. Culver, a Democrat, approved the deal several weeks after he lost his re-election bid to Mr. Branstad, who previously served four terms as governor. The contract includes a series of pay increases beginning July 1. [emphasis supplied]

Wisconsin Gov.-elect Scott Walker found himself in a similar position.  That state faces a $3.3 billion deficit in its next two year budget, as well as a $150 million shortfall for the remainder of this fiscal year.  In spite of that, Democratic lawmakers called a rare special session this past week to approve a new union contract negotiated last month by out-going Democratic Governor Jim Doyle.  Curiously, state union employees had been working without a contract for the past 18 months, but, after the election, time seemed to be of the essence.

Here is what happened in Wisconsin.

In the state senate, Russ Decker, a Democrat who lost his re-election bid last month, cast the deciding vote against the deals, which had been approved by the state house.  ‘The people of Wisconsin have spoken, and they have said they want someone else to make these decisions for them,’ Mr. Decker said. [emphasis supplied]

Wow, a politician who actually was paying attention on November 2.  And, how did his Democratic colleagues in the senate react?  They swiftly removed him as senate majority leader.