Democrat play book 101 on display in Wisconsin – Unions take control

Lots of news stories and blog posts about the teachers unions taking over the Wisconsin State Legislature yesterday and how the Democrats went into hiding to avoid what I suppose is their sworn duty. In reality they did not just hide, they fled the state.

This is right out of the Democrat’s playbook. If they win an election … they WON. Don’t you remember what President Obama said two years ago? When the legislative and executive branches were held by Democrats, the mantra was “we won, deal with it.”

After the elections last November, the tide turned. Republicans took control of the US House, and many state legislatures flipped too.  The 2010 election in Wisconsin was a dramatic shift. Prior to the election, Democrats had a strong hold on both the State Senate and Assembly with 52 Democrats, 33 Republicans and three representing other parties. Republicans now hold 53 of the seats to the Democrat’s 33 – a complete reversal.

So what do Democrats – with total and complete support of public sector unions – do in this situation? Pick any one or combination of the following. In short, they went “Cairo” on Wisconsin’s state government. (Limbaugh suggested TEA Party members should “go Cairo” since it seems to work for Egyptians and Democrats.)

  1. Hold protests at the state capital. Bring students as human shields to boost the crowd figure even though most of them have no idea why they are there. Take over the capital if possible to ensure lots of video and photos make it to the media before deadlines. In short, mob rule.
  2. Make lots of signs. If provided with 12 hours notice, the unions can mass-produce signs and hopefully get a grant to pay for them from the Obama political machine.
  3. Don’t bother voting. If you’re going to lose the vote, just put on a pair of shades and run for the border. They did it in 2003 in Texas, and they did it yesterday too.
  4. If Democrats are lucky enough to have the names and addresses of those who supported a ballot initiative, they now have a target list for picketing and harassing. Create a Google Map with the names and addresses of all those in favor of – as an example – the ban on gay marriage. Picket and harass.
  5. If none of the four plans above work, shop a lawsuit to a friendly liberal judge to overturn the will of the people.

What do TEA Party members do?

We go back to the ballot box and throw the bums out.

More this morning at Powerline, the Washington Times, Gateway Pundit, Michelle Malkin and Big Government.

Run … Run Away!


And how about those signs out in the crowd. Can we just now call an end to civility?  😉





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  1. GaryInSoGlast
    GaryInSoGlast says:

    They run out on the people of their state.  They break the law by not fulfilling their sworn duties.  They should be kicked out of office.  This is childish and dangerous.  I just don't understand how anyone would allow this.  The Democrats should not be re-elected and they should be punished.

    • Steve M
      Steve M says:

      Anne, we thank you for getting the word out about posts you enjoy, but it is not a requirement or promise that must be kept. If you like a post, we encourage everyone to share that post through Facebook, Twitter, Free Republic and other social networking sites.

  2. rjan
    rjan says:

    Steve M   You sound like a commie. In the USA people still have the right to protest. If the governor in Wisconsin is so tuff he should fire all the protesters that are not on the job like Reagan did. The election in Wisconsin was not won by a large majority of republicans. I bet the majority of the residents of that state didn't vote and now wish they did. They most likely support the teachers and public employees. This is a good fight because it will finally show who is for the elite and who is for the rest of the peasants.  

  3. Steve M
    Steve M says:

    @rjan: Don't even try to twist what I wrote. Of course people have the right to protest, and others like me have the right to point out the unions and teachers brought hundreds of kids to carry signs and many had no idea what they were doing there.

    Of course, you miss the point about the entire post … Democrats running for the border to avoid having to vote since they LOST.

    "Not won by a large majority of Republicans?" Democrats HAD 60 percent of the seats in the legislature, now they have 37 percent. HUGE change!

    Most "didn't vote"? Turnout in Wisconsin was a "strong" 50%. 2006 was 51% and they had the fourth highest turnout in a non-presidential year in almost 50 years!

  4. rjan
    rjan says:

    I should clarify the republican victory. What is the population of Wisconsin? What percentage of those people voted? If you want to brag about 60% of maybe 30% of the people well that is not that huge. That is why it is very important that everyone that is eligible to vote do so, than we can have a true election. Lets see how this plays out in the future because I think this will  correct itself.

     People will get fired up and vote, we just have to see who shows up.

  5. Steve M
    Steve M says:

    That's funny. They did get fired up and voted in Wisconsin, you just didn't like the results. You're suggesting if 100 percent of the eligible voters really did vote, somehow Democrats in Wisconsin would have won? Those 50 percent who did not vote in Wisconsin don't care to vote. Sure they should, but their non-involvement in no way invalidates the election. Statistics shows the 50 percent who did vote would be a reasonable sample size in determining how the other 50 percent would have voted. To think otherwise is hogwash. That said, maybe we should factor in progressive/liberal/statist groups that push people to the polls …

  6. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    The unions and the left will not come out of this looking good at all.  They are always caught saying one thing and doing another.

    I think the T.E.A, party is on the right track.  We rallied -went "Cairo" – by peacefully petitioning the Government for redress of grievances.  That and the vote. 

    Standing on principle, common sense and the Constitution is the consistancy that will win the American people true freedom.  We have the opportunity to define/redefine what it means to be an Amercan.  And I am not sure ANY politicians local, stae and federal are going to be too happy. 

  7. Steve M
    Steve M says:

    There is a big difference between protesting (fine) and mob rule (not fine). What happened in Wisconsin and in Cairo are examples of mob rule. Let's say one million TEA Party members showed up at the Washington, D.C. Mall and stayed there for a couple of weeks demanding overthrow of the Obama regime. Would they be labeled dumb, ungrateful, gun-loving, bible-thumping fools? Or would the media claim there has been a monumental shift in the USA and Obama needs to resign?

    These mob rule events can not be allowed to dictate US domestic or foreign policy. I'm fine with protests big and small, near and far, but I prefer my "change" to occur at the ballot box.

  8. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    For the record, look at the hate filled, vitriolic signs on those clips.  Wasn't it mere weeks ago that the Dems were calling for restraint on that kind of speech, claiming it was responsible for the assassination attempt on Congresswoman Gifford?  Is the press running to self proclaimed expert Sheriff Clarence Dupnik for his learned opinion?  If someone gets hurt, will this clods be blamed?  The DNC has been caught helping to organize these crybabies.  Will the DNC be blamed for the vitriol?


    And making public workers pay half the costs of their pensions and at least 12.6 percent of their health care coverage is that horrendous?  Most in the private sector (who are paying for this through higher and higher taxes, by the way) would dream of those percentages.  My union is pledging support, although we get nothing like the benefits the Wisc. teachers do.


    Furthermore, WEAC (Wisc. Education Association Concil) claims that in a poll "that Wisconsinites – by a 2 to 1 margin – say Governor Scott Walker’s attacks on worker rights have gone too far."  The only information that is posted is that "Building a Stronger Wisconsin" (a clearly "progressive" website) contracted with The Shop Consulting, Inc. to conduct a statewide poll regarding Governor Scott Walker’s proposed cuts to public employee benefits and collective bargaining rights. The poll consisted of a 600 response survey and was conducted on the evening of Wednesday, February 16th.   The link at the bottom for "more information" goes effectively nowhere.  Therefore, the poll is highly suspect, if not outright fraudulent.


    What a spoiled bunch of parasites.

  9. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    I'm with you SteveM. 

    And the T.E.A. Party protesting had a positive effect for the American people.  It is starting to get our elected officials back in line with representing us Americans instead of just special interests. If the T.E.A. Party maintains that high road it will win the day.  It is the only real public referendum we have.  

  10. sammy22
    sammy22 says:

    Pres. Obama was elected to the office of President by the Electoral College (thank you Founding Fathers). He is President of all Americans and NOT the "leader of a regime", as too many on this blog and on the airwaves are fond of mouthing.

  11. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Actually, his administration's steamrolling of things like Øbamacare over the overwhelming disapproval of the electorate and the admiration of a progressive minority (and unconstitutionally, apparently) is de facto evidence that he is representing a small base of supporters and like minded progressives rather than "all Americans".


    According to Mirriam Webster,

    2 regime

    a : mode of rule or management b : a form of government <a socialist regime> c : a government in power d : a period of rule.

    I fail to see the inaccuracy.  And for the record, "socialist regime" was in the website's definition.

  12. Linda Mae
    Linda Mae says:

    All I can think about is Card Check – the stealing of a free and private vote from Americans who may NOT want to join a union.


    Our District has taken lay offs; we've taken 0 % raises; we've taken furlough days; we've paid more into our health insurance; we've pay into our pension fund – which is different from the state workers fund.  We are NOT state workers so we don't have the benefits that state workers have.


    When I started teaching in 1966 – both my cousin and I had earned BA degrees – his business and mine in English.  His starting salary was more than $12,000 and mine was @ $6,040.  I had to pay for my MA out of pocket because CT teachers need one in order to maintain their certification more than 10 years.  My cousin earned a MBA compliments of his company.  We were able to create a tax sheltered annuity in the 1980's and used our own money.  He received matching funds.  I worked summers and Christmas holidays for @ 10 years while teaching.  I couldn't buy a home until 1080 when the Yankee Mac mortgage was developed because my base salary was too little to qualify.  The Yankee Mac allowed you to spend 30% of your salary rather than 25% so I could qualify.  It took a long time to come up with a  down payment – rent and tuition fees plus my car….And I took trips around the world for which I will never have any regret.  My cousin retired and then made a bundle as a consultant for several years.  I am involved with our district's adult education program where I teach Citizenship and serve as director.  I must admit that there have been times I wished I had my cousin's career benefits but I will never regret going into teaching.  It cost me to do so – I could have done his job, I'm sure.   My social security – when I started to work at age 16, I was concerned about earning my 30 quarters – pays just enough for medicare -which I hate -and used to cover my prescription coverage.  Since costs have risen,there isn't enough to cover both.

    I served on many negotiation committees.  When the cost of living was high and we asked for its equal, we were told it did not relate to us.  When the cost of living went down, we were told that our raises met the COLA.


    With this background, let me state that I support the governor of WI and am embarrassed by the teachers who are o strike.  The quotes from the kids scare me.   Since our kids won't be able to live the great life we've had, it's ironic that they are being brainwashed to believe it is all right.  Parents have to become more vocal at home in order to counteract the lies being taught in the schools.  We were never allowed to even tell which political party we belonged to.  I didn't tell my kids that I loved the Red Sox until the year they won the series.


    Sorry it's been a long reply.

  13. sammy22
    sammy22 says:

    Dims, so you don't like Pres. Obama's policies: big deal. I thought "revisionist history" was the exclusive province of the Left. I see that the Right is not immune to revisionism.

  14. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    No, sammy, you are correct: I do not like the way ?bama is running roughshod over the economy, the health care system, etc.? When the vast majority of people find his policies to be objectionable, such as with ?bamacare, and he stubbornly insists on having it his way with no real basis for doing so, I think he fails the “president of all Americans” test.? As for “regime”, I simply referred you to the dictionary definition.
    So where is the revisionism?
    When he starts leading like the president of all Americans, then I might be able to begin to respect him (regardless of his gross, demonstrable inexperience), but now, not so much.? As mentioned above, the ?bama regime (nor the DNC) has no business sticking their noses into this, particularly when they support “card check”, an egregious usurpation of worker’s rights.

  15. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    I totally support Gov. Walker digging in his heels and not rolling over for these union teachers and the union thugs driving this mob scene in WI.? Added to the mix, which makes this even more disgusting than their use of students as human shields, is the fact that doctors are standing on street corners handing out sick notes to AWOL teachers for “when” they return to work.? The dem. legislators who fled to IL are just an embarrassment to that party.? We can’t get our way, so we’re taking our bats & balls and going home? Spineless & controlling.? They need to let the legislative process take care of this.? This handful of dem legislators are the textbook example of sore losers.
    Now, I’m going to send up a prayer that Walker doesn’t roll over, because if he does, these public sector unions will be energized beyond belief and will continue to hold our states hostage.

  16. sammy22
    sammy22 says:

    He is the only President we have. Though I disagreed w/ many of Pres. Bush’s policies, I still gave him and the office the respect he deserved as the elected President.

  17. Steve M
    Steve M says:

    I referenced President Obama a couple of times as antidotes in the story and post comments. Yet, sammy22 can only fixate on our reference to the Obama “regime” and other references in the comments, completely ignoring the actual post on the Wisconsin situtation.

    That’s right out of the liberal/progressive/statist play book as well.

  18. djt
    djt says:

    The Dem senators leaving the process is just childish. Teachers walking/sicking out is shameful. Now, though, the unions have offered to pay the higher amounts in exchange for keeping collective bargaining, and the governor said no, which disprooves his claim that this was about balancing the budget.

  19. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    A new president has to earn respect (winning an election doesn’t do that) and all he can do is cause the respect of the Office of the President of the U.S. to diminish.? ?bama has a long way to go.
    It is a shame that the new Republican governor of Wisconsin is getting no respect.? He has certainly earned mine by not cowing to the crowds of public sector crybabies.? Finally, Wisconsin (and NJ) has a governor that is committed to having the buck stop at his desk, not the desk of some future governor.
    As Walker said this morning, the reason for the legislation against collective bargaining was to give local pols the ability to renegotiate NOW, not when the contracts expired.? I seem to recall that our new, young president didn’t have any problem negating contracts in the auto industry…
    The unions are really peeved about the fact that the union members will have to vote for their leadership every year, and pay their dues by cutting a check, not the cowardly withholding method.

  20. Steve M
    Steve M says:

    @djt: Why kick the real issue down the road? Collective?bargaining?is the issue here when it comes to public sector unions. In the private sector, unions?bargain?with management/owners which results in a true battle and true collective bargaining. When the union “bargains” with a politician – in Wisconsin’s case a Democrat governor for the previous eight years – there is no back and forth or “bargaining” going on! The Democrat governor and lawmakers are beholden to the public unions and they get future unsustainable benefits handed to them!

    The issue I have is the governor is treating the public safety unions differently than the teacher and other unions.

  21. djt
    djt says:

    steve, then the gov should actually say its the real issue. His remarks on friday afternoon hardly touched the bargaining issue, it was mostly about budget balancing, making hard decisions that his predecessor wouldn’t make, and “modest” contributions and comparisons of those contributions to those in the private sector. On Fox news sunday this morning, his response to Chris Wallace’s questions regarding the unions now agreeing on higher payments was feeble at best.
    But even as you describe it, the problem is with the politicians, not the bargaining. If they collectively bargain with this governor, won’t there be a back and forth?

  22. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    This really is about balancing budgets…isn’t CT in the mess it’s in because it’s put off meeting the contributions to the pension funds of public sector employees?? If you promise something you cannot fund, how can your budget ever be balanced?? It becomes a game of constant catch-up…in the business world (read: real world), when you put off funding a defined benefit plan, all you can do is pray you have the money together to fund it when the bill becomes due, or use your line of credit to fund it and hope you can make the monthly payments to the bank after the fact.? In the case of the government, they have a quick-fix method to fund their irresponsible spending & that’s called raising taxes.? It’s nothing but a head fake.

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