Your Matthews moment: Praises an “old SDS guy”. Gives unions free plug.

Hey, it’s his show. But why would you praise the SDS? What decade are you living in? And what does this say about the left? Read on my little mobsters.

Watching Matthews last night (my penance for missing church a couple weeks ago) was pretty normal lefty stuff, but for a guy who calls his show “Hardball”, it was anything he led off his show with Wisconsin AFSCME Union leader Marty Beil. Watch as Matthews lets Beil drone on about the benefits of joining a union.

Now I’ve been in a union pretty much all my life, and no question, the biggest benefit is negotiated work rules not pay. These days all large employers offer benefits(umm, Starbucks baristas get benefits Matt), and like it or not, these days in the private sector, pay is set by the market, not unions. Still the biggest benefit he thinks is respect. Trust me, as someone who sat at a bargaining table, being in a union does not in and of itself generate respect.

But, it’s the after interview moment that got me. Matthews praises Beil for being a former member of SDS.


Says Greg Hengler at Townhall,

There’s so much here. First of all, “free advertising!” Meditate on that–no need for comment. Second of all, “an old SDS guy,” which is “great.” Is he talking about the Students for a Democratic Society led by Bill Ayers? Indeed he is. Again, no comment. The Left is revealing more and more of their cards, the question is, are Americans paying attention?

Actually the SDS wasn’t violent enough for Bill Ayers and he moved on to form Weather Underground. But the SDS was indeed a socialist movement, mostly spoiled college kids who majored in “sit-ins” and demonstrations. But the last question is interesting.Is anyone paying attention? Just a quick reminder … here’s the SDS people should remember.

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  1. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    There is no dignity in complacency, expectation or in "feeling" entitled to certain benefits reserved just for your group (p.s. union employees).  If the left is all about "fairness", then why is it fair that private sector employees are losing their jobs, their homes and living off of their self-funded retirement accounts and public sector union employees lose nothing and they have the force of the democrat party behind them?

    Just curious.

  2. Tim-in-Alabama
    Tim-in-Alabama says:

    Chris Matthews is a breath of fresh air. It's about time someone told the workin' man's side of this story.

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