It’s deja vu all over again. Sorta. UPDATE: Video added

As I watched Fox News Sunday this past weekend, I almost fell off my chair during the “Is labor losing its clout?” segment, wherein Chris Wallace interviewed two representatives of public workers unions, Dennis Van Roekel, President of the National Education Association, and Thea Lee, Deputy Chief of Staff of the AFL-CIO. Read more

Wisconsin a tale of things to come in November?

With a victory win by Governor Walker with his special recall election, could this be a sign that Democrats
are in trouble?  It did not take long for Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairman of the Democratic National Committee
to make comments about the recall election.

On Capital Hill Debbie Wasserman Shultz had this to say:

““While the results of the governor’s race were not what we had hoped for, we were still able to
overcome great challenges to ensure the voices of middle-class families were heard.  Over the past year,
Wisconsin Democrats have taken on the immense challenge of  fighting against government overreach and
ensuring voters have a say about the future of the state”

My comment to Ms. Shultz is that they did have their say with their right to vote.  Is it that surprising to her?

A funny thing happened to union membership in Wisconsin

Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin was able to obtain the passage of new laws dealing with public sector unions in Wisconsin.  Their employees now actually have to shoulder the burden of paying something close to the value of their health insurance coverage and their future pension costs.  But, there was another interesting provision of the Wisconsin law… Read more

More Wisconsin union thuggery VIDEO UPDATE: Grandma fights back – boycott turns into buycott

Here’s more news that it is not likely you will learn about from the main stream media. Let me first ask you to assume that you own a small business in Racine County, Wisconsin. You open your mail one day and find the following letter. Read more

Liberals and the Judiciary

Unwilling to accept the fact that Rebublicans had a resounding victory in Wisconsin last November, and that the Wisconsin legislature recently passed a bill restricting some union activity, Big Liberalism is on the march again.  This time their focus is the April 5 election for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

First a bit of background. The validity of the new law is now pending before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. That court currently leans to the right, with four tending to be conservative, and three tending to be liberal.   

Current Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, who tends to vote conservatively, is up for reelection on April 5.  His opponent is Joanne Kloppenburg, an assistant state attorney, an environmental lawyer, and a definite “left-leaner”.  Although Wisconsin Supreme Court elections are typically pretty docile, this one has taken on a life of its own. 

A liberal leaning outfit called the Greater Wisconsin Committee has thrown some $3 million into the race and launched a web site, ProsserEqualsWalker…, to whip heat against the Governor into the race.

One of the ads  against Justice Prosser, sponsored by Greater Wisconsin, was particularly offensive, untrue and, well, “sleazy”.  Apparently, the left will stop at nothing, including besmirching a good justice, to accomplish their goals.  But here is the interesting part.

At a recent debate between Justice Prosser and Ms. Kloppenburg, Ms Kloppenburg was asked by the judge whether she would ask that the ad be pulled.  You can go to the link and see the video, but, essentially she said “no”.

I’m certainly glad that someone with that moral character, or should I say, lack of moral character, isn’t running for the Florida Supreme Court.

Police and Firefighter unions demand businesses publicly oppose Wisconsin governor

Wow. Here is another reason public unions should not be allowed to collectively bargain with politicians running a local or state government. Union leadership – including those from law enforcement and firefighters – have sent letters out to local businesses demanding they publicly oppose the efforts of Wisconsin’s legislature and governor or face the consequences.

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Obligatory Video: More chanting children, this time in Wisconsin

“Children, united … we’ll never be divided.” Of course, this is what I refer to as brainwashing, and kids this age are easily “reconfigured.” They have no idea what they are doing, other than making their parents and teachers smile. Whether brainwashing kids at Westboro Baptist or this … totally wrong.

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Again, what’s the obsession with the Koch brothers?

I almost skipped over this story at Powerline since I thought it seemed to be a bit too local for me, but I stuck with it since John Hinderaker’s stuff is always good. How the heck does a journalist do this and get away with it?

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Wisconsin state legislators threatened with death via e-mail

This is not one of those I hope you die kind of “threats” this is a real threat of death to Wisconsin Republican senators and their families and we expect someone, somewhere is investigating.

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Michael Walsh: The left’s war on democracy in Wisconsin

It’s Thursday, and Michael Walsh is again joining Jim in-studio. His most recent New York Post column takes a look at the war on democracy funded by big-government unions and supported by the Democrat “fleebaggers” who refused to even come to the table for the past two weeks.

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