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What’s wrong with solar power?

By SoundOffSister / March 31, 2014 /

Every now and then a newspaper headline causes a double take.  The following quote appeared  on page 1 of today’s  Orlando Sentinel directing the reader to an article in the business section.

Is Obamacare becoming a laughing stock?

By SoundOffSister / December 23, 2013 /

I received what follows from a golfer friend of mine.  Of even more interest was that my friend is, well, not exactly a conservative.  Even if you are not a golfer, please read on.

Heads finally roll over Obamacare

By SoundOffSister / November 18, 2013 /

Well, not exactly heads, but at least one head.

Let’s do the Obamacare math

By SoundOffSister / November 15, 2013 /

The major premise behind Obamacare (at least as sold to the American public) was that some 40 million Americans did not have health insurance (notice I didn’t say health care), and something needed to be done to fix that situation.  That was some three and a half years ago.  Flash forward to today.


By SoundOffSister / November 9, 2013 /

Hillary Clinton, as the heiress apparent for the Democrat party, gave us a glimpse of our future under her “guidance”.

Obama’s health care apology

By SoundOffSister / November 9, 2013 /

On Wednesday evening, the President appeared on NBC to respond to the outcry of people who have now learned that they can keep neither their doctor nor their private insurance under Obamacare.  Let me remind you what the President said on Wednesday.

Detroit gets a government bailout

By SoundOffSister / October 7, 2013 /

About ten days ago when everyone was thinking about the impending government shut down, President Obama announced a $320 million bailout for the bankrupt city of Detroit.  But, lo and behold, per the New York Times, it isn’t a bailout, at all, it is simply “aid”.

Senator Reid’s leadership comes to the forefront

By SoundOffSister / October 5, 2013 /

Many on the “right” are blasting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D. Nv.) for his refusal to allow any matters of importance to come to the Senate floor during the “government shutdown”.  But, I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

Obama closes Florida Bay

By SoundOffSister / October 4, 2013 /

We keep hearing stories about national parks and national monuments being closed due to the government shut down.  But this closure may forever remain a mystery.

I will not negotiate

By SoundOffSister / October 4, 2013 /

That is the position taken by our current President on both the 2014 budget, or rather, the continuing resolution, and, raising the debt ceiling.