Terrorist attack in Seattle monitored and stopped by FBI

The affidavit released by the FBI today does not indicate if the confidential informant was or was not a member of law enforcement, but the complaint certainly indicates these terrorists were serious.

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Flotilla of Peace … not so much, says Israel – Video of “peace” weapons

Jim Hoft has done the aggregating … so I’m not reinventing the wheel here, but somehow this does not surprise me. As I posted yesterday (video), this was meant to provoke and it is indeed more than interesting as Peter Brooks told us yesterday that 5 of the boats “heaved to”, while one fought back. Can you say “terrorists”.

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Is Obama creating terrorists? Video

If getting tough on the bad guys is creating terrorists, then so be it … but using the lefty logic of the day … why yes he is, if we apply the GITMO standard. Hat Tip to Steve for pointing this one out. Read more

“Gitmo 7” lawyers identity confirmed by DOJ … thanks to Fox News

As noted yesterday by Jim, many organizations and bloggers have been demanding transparency from the Executive Branch concerning Justice Department lawyers, hired by Attorney General Eric Holder and predecessors, who have represented terrorists in civil or military courtrooms. Fox News now has the list.

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Would Obama administration Mirandize Osama bin Laden?

That was the question put to President Obama’s director of national intelligence at a Senate hearing today. Dennis Blair simply refused to answer a simple question. They can’t answer the question, probably because the White House staff will need to “measure the political winds” if the subject ever comes up.

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Terrorist judicial theater – civilian court antics on display

Michelle Malkin has a good column out this morning revealing what is happening right now in the civilian trial of Aafia Siddiqui, accused of attempted murder and assault of U.S. military personnel in Pakistan. Yes, she was caught in Afghanistan and brought back to America to face trial.

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KSM terrorist trail may be moved out of New York City

Suggesting Khalid Shaikh Mohammed be tried in New York City federal court was judicial theater in the first place, and now Mayor Michael Bloomberg has requested Attorney General Eric Holder take his road show somewhere else. Hey, I seem to remember we’ve got this out-of-the-way court set up somewhere warm…

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Guantanamo detainees treated MUCH better than prisoners in USA

That’s the way I figured it, and my figuring is confirmed. As I noted on Jan. 22, 2009, President Obama had no plan at all – let alone a workable one – to close Camp Delta at Guantanamo Bay. He won’t meet his self-imposed deadline, and now many think Gitmo may never be closed.

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20% of Released Guantanamo detainees go back to fighting (Update)

A classified Pentagon assessment measuring the recidivism rate of released Guantanamo detainees indicates one in five – 20 percent – of them return to jihad. Previous reports in Dec. 2008 (11 percent) and April 2009 (14 percent) shows a trend as the more dangerous terrorists are released over time.

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Guantanamo terrorists sent home to fight again

President Obama will miss his self-imposed deadline to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, but he’s still working to dump off terrorists on other countries before he brings some to U.S. soil. A couple it seems, are back in “countries” not recognized as real countries. How did this happen?

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