Terrorist attack in Seattle monitored and stopped by FBI

The affidavit released by the FBI today does not indicate if the confidential informant was or was not a member of law enforcement, but the complaint certainly indicates these terrorists were serious.

Michelle Malkin picked up on the complaint (embedded below – head to page 3 for the relevant info) which includes the following.

On or about May 30, 2011, ABU KHALID ABDUL-LATIF attempted to recruit another person (hereinafter the “confidential source”) to join the conspiracy, explaining that he and another man who lived in Los Angeles, California, referring to WALLI MUJAHIDH, were planning an attack against the United States Military facility.

I’m sure someone will say it was all a big misunderstanding. Pamela Gellar at Atlas Shrugged links to an ABC News story indicating the two extremist met in prison and converted to Islam together.

According to officials, both suspects were believed to have met in prison and to have converted to Islam in prisons. Court documents, however, show no record of felony convictions for Mujahihd and do not specify where the men met or when they converted.

Officials say Abdul-Latif served briefly in the US Navy in 1995 and has at least two felony convictions: robbery in the first degree in 2002 and assault a year later while serving time in Washington state for the robbery.

Geller writes, with my emphasis in bold.

Anyone who questions the necessity of Rep Peter King’s hearings on Islamic extremism in the prison system is playing for the other team.

Abdul Latif Complaint

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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Steve, this is absolutely fascinating.? I never thought I would read through the whole complaint, but it was impossible to stop. I can’t even imagine the courage of the Source. It is utterly amazing we have not had more terrorist attacks in the US. How do you stop these guys? I had to keep thinking, this is real not a script from a TV show.? All I can say is thank you FBI. Thank you Michelle and Steve so we can read this for ourselves.

  2. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Yes, of course I am praising these individual FBI agents. I also know a few individual retired FBI agents who deserve our thanks and highest esteem. However, I just read the account of the Winter Hill gang again, and it was hard to tell then, who was worse the bad guys or some FBI agents on the take. I’m glad they got Bulgar but all hell is going to break loose now.

  3. seedyguy1
    seedyguy1 says:

    I find it amusing that Mujahihde wants to make sure that if they get caught that no one talks. Then he gets arrested, waves his rights and sings like a canary!

  4. Tim-in-Alabama
    Tim-in-Alabama says:

    This guy doesn’t look like a potential terrorist. He not using a walker or carrying a teddy bear and wearing diapers. I’d wave through any security line.

  5. Todd from Farmington
    Todd from Farmington says:

    Amen Tim in Alabama…this a-hole would probably be pissed if he got an Obama-pat-down at an airport!
    I am certain that the a-wipes at the ACLU are working like the devil (their boss) to get this terrorist off.
    Tim-you are the man!
    If it looks like a terrorist
    Smells like a terrorist
    Walks like a terrorist
    It’s probably a leftist ACLU loving, Obama-loving, anti-American liberal Democrat like the creep in the picture that started this thread!

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