Is Obama creating terrorists? Video

If getting tough on the bad guys is creating terrorists, then so be it … but using the lefty logic of the day … why yes he is, if we apply the GITMO standard. Hat Tip to Steve for pointing this one out.

Shahzad, the Times Square Bomber, reportedly told interrogators that one of the reasons he planted the bomb in Times Square was because he was upset over the Obama Administrations drone attacks on Pakistan.

Ironically I heard nothing from ErikHolder this past Sunday on how we need to stop drone attacks … but the lefty Attorney General did find time to once again take a whack at GITMO because … it’s a recruiting tool.


They don’t even try to hide the hypocrisy. It’s pretty much a “because I said so” administration. Close GITMO … keep bombing. There is no logic … just lefty ideology.

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  1. winnifredthewoebegon
    winnifredthewoebegon says:

    How does al qaeda manage to recruit IN Gitmo?  Sweet sassy molassy, Jim…Is this a detention camp or a commune???  And I suppose if Obama ever DOES get around to closing Gitmo there is NO better place for these terrorists to go than to to his  "home" state.  Illegal immigrants running amok in AZ  & now it's time to close Gitmo and willingly bring terrorists into the United States proper.  What is WRONG with this picture???

    Wow…sure am a cranky Yankee tonight!   If you stay up late, Jim?…I do NOT know how you do it…I would be hurling my laptop against walls!  The stupidity is simply astonishing.  — this is definitely my last comment of the night!  lol

  2. Delta
    Delta says:

    The only reason he wants to close Gitmo is to appease the Anti-Bush, the same lefties who protested the war and protested waterboarding detainees. Frankly, be you for or against the war or waterboarding, why would we want these people INSIDE the US? They don't care about Americans or anyone else but their religious faith, let them have their 52 virgins in heaven and send a message to these terrorists that we take threats and incursions on our soil seriously.

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