Guantanamo detainees treated MUCH better than prisoners in USA

That’s the way I figured it, and my figuring is confirmed. As I noted on Jan. 22, 2009, President Obama had no plan at all – let alone a workable one – to close Camp Delta at Guantanamo Bay. He won’t meet his self-imposed deadline, and now many think Gitmo may never be closed.

Hat tip to Morrissey at Hot Air.

The treatment and conditions terrorists at the Club Gitmo Resort and Spa receive is much better than locked-down conditions at federal Supermax sites, and possibly much better than state prisons across the country. Heck, Rush Limbaugh created or saved a few jobs with an entire merchandise collection for Club Gitmo, and they still have T-shirts available.

Obama and Democrats have been running around the world apologizing for our actions, and detention facilities including Guantanamo Bay. As far as they are concerned, Camp Delta displays the worst of what America is, and supposedly the rest of the world sees it that way too. Until of course, we start to see the soon-to-come news reports about what life in a Supermax facility is like for the prisoners living the life today.


Newsweek suggests Obama may be stuck with the terrible reality that detainees will need to remain in Cuba for a long, long time. But right from the first paragraph of the story, on display is the still unbelievable reality the current administration considers national security a political matter first.

President Obama’s decision to suspend sending any detainees being held in the Guantánamo Bay detention facility back to Yemen was “politically, a no-brainer,” a senior administration official tells NEWSWEEK.

“Make no mistake: we will close Guantánamo prison, which has damaged our national-security interests and become a tremendous recruiting tool for Al Qaeda,” Obama said Tuesday right after he announced he was stopping further transfers to Yemen.

But the new pessimism is the result of a confluence of unanticipated developments, all of which relate to Yemen, a country that is home to about 92 Guantánamo detainees, nearly half the facility’s current population of 198.

During the next three year, we will continue to hear Obama is committed to close the facility, but will be unable to meet his goal due to circumstances beyond his control. The measurement of success dictated by the left and the state-run media will be Obama’s intentions, not the results.

At the end of the article, we get to a really important fact … it’s damn cold in Illinois.

But the final irony is that many of the detainees may not even want to be transferred to Thomson and could conceivably even raise their own legal roadblocks to allow them to stay at Gitmo.

[Marc] Falkoff [a lawyer representing some Gitmo detainees from Yemen] notes that many of his clients, while they clearly want to go home, are at least being held under Geneva Convention conditions in Guantánamo. At Thomson, he notes, the plans call for them to be thrown into the equivalent of a “supermax” security prison under near-lockdown conditions.

As far as our clients are concerned, it’s probably preferable for them to remain at Guantánamo,” he says.

No kidding?

As a reminder, here’s Crowder’s visit to Guantanamo Bay back in November. Maybe Steven will head to the Supermax ADX Florence, Colorado facility and provide the world with a report on the conditions there?