Holder still thinking about charging Zimmerman

Goodness grief. Either he committed a federal crime or he didn’t. Attorney General Eric Holder isn’t quite sure if George Zimmerman will be charged with some unknown federal crime. He’s not sure how long the investigation will take.

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Florida gains access to federal data base to identify illegal voters

This saga began months ago when Florida started reviewing voter rolls in an attempt to identify non-citizens on those lists and purge them from the rolls.  Among other things, Florida sought access to a Department of Homeland Security data base that would assist in this process.  Not only was Florida denied such access, but Attorney General Eric Holder filed suit against the state seeking to block any purging of the rolls. Read more

Must see video: Cong. Trey Gowdy tells Democrats to “bring it” in Fast and Furious case

If you watch nothing else today make sure you watch this video by Congressman Trey Gabby from South Carolina. In just a few short minutes he is able to explain exactly what is at stake in the contempt of Congress charges being filed against Atty. Gen. Eric Holder. In fact he does it so well there is no need to watch anything else. Read more

What is executive privilege?

As you no doubt know, today President Obama asserted executive privilege in connection with the production of documents in the possession of the Department of Justice which had been subpoenaed by Congress in connection with Congress’s Fast and Furious investigation. Read more

Identification Please

With the November Election just 149 days away the topic of having to show an I.D. prior to
casting a vote has become topic of debate.  I have been asked for my personal ID in several
activities that I conduct through out the day such as: Read more

Holder in 1995: Let’s brainwash Americans with anti-gun messages

Not surprising at all. During a speech to the Woman’s National Democratic Club in 1995, our present-day Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder wanted advertising agencies to create anti-gun campaigns to brainwash people and get free TV airtime.

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Mexico asks US to bring back federal “assault weapons ban” – Holder’s cool with that

I can not comprehend how stupid these people are. Supposedly when Rep. Gerry Connelly (D-Va.) was visiting with Mexico’s attorney general, he asked what was the one thing the United States could do to help Mexico in their battle against the drug cartels. They wanted the federal assault weapons ban (AWB) brought back of course!

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Fast and Furious: Holder responds to Congress

On Friday, Attorney General Eric Holder sent a letter to those in Congress who are investigating the ATF operation known Fast and Furious.  Some of his comments are more than a bit puzzling. Read more

The Nation is in the best of hands: The Holder, Nepolitano, Clapper edition

Not much commentary … just some video for your entertainment. Consider it a best of “Obama National Security” sound for the week. Hey, unless one of you objects, maybe the year. Allow me to set this video montage up for you all: When it comes to race we may be a nation of cowards, but when it comes to national defense, they are a mini nation of clueless bureaucrats. Read more

Attorney General just can’t use the phrase … “Radical Islam”

This is disgraceful. Congressman Ted Poe is trying to get to the bottom of what motivated the Time Square Bomber Shahzad. He asks the Attorney General if radical Islam might have been a factor. Instead of an answer we get a dance. My favorite part is when the man charged with protecting the Republic says he just doesn’t want to offend anyone. Swell.

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