The Nation is in the best of hands: The Holder, Nepolitano, Clapper edition

Not much commentary … just some video for your entertainment. Consider it a best of “Obama National Security” sound for the week. Hey, unless one of you objects, maybe the year. Allow me to set this video montage up for you all: When it comes to race we may be a nation of cowards, but when it comes to national defense, they are a mini nation of clueless bureaucrats.

Ironically, all three bites are courtesy of exclusive interviews done by ABC news. Let’s build this to a crescendo, shall we? First up Attorney General discovering for the first time that Islamic fundamentalist terrorism might come from within the US.


Again … either he thinks we are clueless, or he is. Home grown jihadis is not anything new.

Video two, well it just may be my favorite. How about you. BTW, before you scoff, even Best Buy is closed once a year. Oh wait, I’m sorry. No they’re not.


Our final bite comes from the same ABC interview with our three top counter terrorist officers in the White House. This one from James Clapper, the National Intelligence Director, who was not aware of the biggest story of that day, the London bomb plot and the 12 arrested jihadis.


Today the WHite House pushed back explainning that Clapper has so much to do and so much on his mind, it’s understandable he might not be aware of what amounted to the breakup of what was shaping out to be the biggest terror attack since Mumbai or 9-11. Sure, very understandable.

Well there you go folks. Take the poll on the right. You tell me what was the biggest gaffe.

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  1. Plainvillian
    Plainvillian says:

    No wonder we are targeted.  All three act as though they would run from an aggressive Girl Scout who pressed them to buy cookies.  At least Jimmy Carter splashed water at the killer rabbit!  We truly are in peril.

  2. biblethumpingsam
    biblethumpingsam says:

    Mr. Clapper is one scary guy. What in the world is his job anyway. Looks like he is an example of how our country is run now days. God help us all.

  3. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I apologize for not reading sooner. This President's appointments are of huge importance to me. Perhaps, the National Intelligence Director, Mr. Clapper was more concerned with the subversive children in MA who were saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

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