Must see video: Cong. Trey Gowdy tells Democrats to “bring it” in Fast and Furious case

If you watch nothing else today make sure you watch this video by Congressman Trey Gabby from South Carolina. In just a few short minutes he is able to explain exactly what is at stake in the contempt of Congress charges being filed against Atty. Gen. Eric Holder. In fact he does it so well there is no need to watch anything else.

Gowdy does a great job of taking on the Democrats who were trying to link “fast and furious” to the Bush administration, debunked nicely here at Red State. He tells the Democrats to go ahead bring in the Bush administration but that is no excuse for AG Eric Holder not to hand over critical documents. He then goes on to say it does not really matter which party was involved in this. What really is at stake is who was involved in this and what they know and when did they know. Listen for yourself. Although what he says at 4:30 tells you how serious he really is.


Make sure you go to Red State and follow all the links. They did a great job of putting this all together.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I think we have a winnah for the AG slot in the Romney administration!!
    Now I am going to wonder how PMSNBC will edit that to make it Bush’s fault.? I am sure that Mitchell and Maddow are already hard at work…

  2. DocD
    DocD says:

    Wow, heartening.? After hearing the gutless and predictably partisan?response of Chris Murphy,? ?it is indeed uplifting to hear someone who speaks of responsibility to the people who elected him and for the rule of law.? Can it be, I’m feeling hopeful here??

  3. stinkfoot
    stinkfoot says:

    Clearly there is no real respect for the law on the part of this AG and likely the administration as well.?? Hilary and Rahm both can be paraphrased? as saying “never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste and Barack might add “even if you have to manufacture that crisis yourself”.
    “Gun walking” for the purpose of landing American made weapons in the hands of Mexican criminals to be used against Americans makes the administration an accessory to murder… there’s blood on the hands of Holder, Obama, and likely other high profile characters within the administration and department of “justice”.
    …meanwhile the pathetic sheep are diverted to such critical matters like whether Roger Clemens lied to congress about using steroids.? I laughed at the verdict… I bet he lied and they ought to be flattered because congress is composed of some of the most accomplished liars on the face of the earth.

  4. wildcat
    wildcat says: website authored by the Terry family. Sign petition.
    ?I suspect this whole “fast & furious” gun walking campaign not only was meant to bolster the left’s desire to attack the second amendment rights of Americans.? Could it be that it was part of a bigger agenda (read global) under the Small Arms Treaty?? You know how these lefties love all things UN.? Had to involve arms impact to another country.? What better country than Mexico for proximity, open border? (to use Soro’s favorite idea), and convenient cartel activity and corrupt Mexican police? My heart goes out to the Terry family.? Watched them on Hannity tonight.? The father made curious comment….said Brian “wasn’t even supposed to be out there that night” .? Were these agents set up to be killed to further the “agenda”?? Or is that just tin-foil hat territory??? The secrecy and arrogance of this “most transparent administration” does make one suspicious.? Thank goodness for people like Congressman Gowdy…? a plain-spoken, common-sense man with a spine.

  5. Gary J
    Gary J says:

    Nobody in Congress could have said it better. He simply spoke the truth and covered all the bases .? Oh Please everyone forward this to everyone on your list because for sure it will never make the network news.

  6. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    South Carolina looks better every day. Much better congressmen than Connecticut, that’s for sure.

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