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Are you in favor of “quality” health care?

It seems the more we learn about Universal Health Care, the less there is to like.  Two physicians  who are on the staff of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, and on the faculty of Harvard Medical School have written an article that provides a glimpse of what health care will be like should Congress […]

Hoist Yer Sails, Matey

Much has been written about “Cap and Trade” recently.  Regardless of it’s “good intentions”, I suspect most would refer to it as the largest proposed regressive tax increase in this country’s history.  But, apparently not satisfied with the crippling effects this legislation would have on our economy, Congressional democrats are now proposing even stiffer energy […]

Are You Threatening Us, Mr. President?

Although it is doubtful that anyone in the room had the courage to ask that question, it would appear that had they, the answer would have been, “yes”.  The story is beginning to emerge from the recent meeting between Obama, and the CEO’s of the banks receiving TARP money.  Initially described by all as “cordial”, […]

Due process and equal protection?

Unlike my brother, I am not one to rant.  Occasionally, however, someone in Congress says something that is so stupidly outrageous (or outrageously stupid), that my normal mild mannered demeanor is forced to rant.  So, please forgive me, I’m not used to this. Congressman Grayson, sadly from my home state – though luckily not from my […]

The “de ja vu” Health Care Plan

Any debate about universal health care invariably turns to a discussion of medical care in Great Britain or Canada – overburdening taxes, long waits for testing, and even longer waits for treatment. In an attempt to contain costs, health care is essentially rationed. Think that can’t happen here? Well, think again.  It’s already happening.

How Low Will Big Labor Stoop?

Anyone who read the March 20, 2009 Wall Street Journal editorial, “Unionize or Die”, had to come away with the firm conviction that the Wall Street Journal, in no uncertain terms, opposes the Employee Free Choice Act, more commonly known as card check. But, not so, according to California Democrat George Miller, as Friday’s Wall Street […]