Iowahawk: Comply with me … sing along

He is one of the finest creative writers on the net today. He’s the man who brought us the Obama teleprompter revolt and the now famous rework of Obama’s “car in the ditch” story. Now we have a little “Frank Sinatra” … Comply with me. Read more

San Diego Traveler says touch my junk … I’ll have you arrested. UPDATE: Video added

Well, it was only a matter of time. But people are pushing back because … for the most part they don’t think this makes them safer. Read more

TSA implements enhanced feel-me-up security at airports – Americans not feeling it

We’ve found the tipping point. I’m calling this week’s TSA news Groper-gate even as the agencies leadership continue to deny screeners are molesting anyone. It’s kind of like a pedophile claiming he or she is innocent after getting caught on video. Travelers themselves will define their own experiences thank you very much. Read more

TSA screener pulls bad joke on 22 year-old traveler in Philadelphia

How would you like a TSA screener to hold up a bag of cocaine and ask you where you got it when you never had it in the first place? Of course, privacy laws prevent the TSA from releasing the screener’s name and what discipline – if at all – he received.

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TSA Security Check Point toy set

Unfortunately, the toy set is currently unavailable and Amazon is unsure when it will be back in stock. For those of you looking for reviews on the item, many families were able to pick it up for Christmas and have thankfully posted full reviews so you’ll know if it’s worth the wait.

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Michael Yon handcuffed by security bullies at SeaTac (Update)

This really ticks me off. Michael Yon, who I follow regularly as he travels with embedded troops around the world as they fight insurgents, Taliban, al-Qaida and other terrorists was handcuffed and detained by TSA security at SeaTac earlier today when he was returning from overseas.

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