Airline employee smuggles 153 guns through Atlanta to New York

Those arrested moved up to 20 or more guns at a time via Delta flights in the passenger cabin. There are a couple questions you should think about when reading this story. First, why are guns being smuggled to New York? (Hint, it has absolutely nothing to do with restrictive gun laws in New York.) Second, where are the holes in airline security?

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More overreach? Border immigration officers can search computers, phones, based on hunches

Yup. If you are entering the country and an immigration or customs officer has a hunch your computer or phone may contain bad stuff, they can take the device and download the information.

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TSA misses three boxcutters carried by passenger in carry-on bag

No matter what the government tells you, you will never be “safe” from security threats on commercial airliners. The word “safe” implies certainty, certainty that you will never be exposed to a security issue. The TSA missed a few boxcutters last weekend as a reminder to us that we’ll never be 100 percent safe.

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Pilot points out known airport security flaws – big brother TSA pounces

It’s important to note the pilot who recorded this video was pointing out security flaws that were already well known. But by pointing them out in a public fashion – on YouTube – the Department of Homeland Security has elected to punish the pilot by suspending him from the Flight Deck Officer program.

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The TSA goes T and A … or why we saw this coming months ago.

This is the most unreal story I have posted in a while, but after all of the other pat down stories this should not surprise any of us. And, in truth, it’s not that the TSA official did this … it’s that he admitted to why he did this. Transparency! Read more

TSA Scans “Won’t Catch Anybody”, reports Popular Mechanics

The terror follies continue my little mobsters. But remember, this administration is smart, very smart. Unlike George Bush who was stupid. Well not only has State been negotiating with an impostor in Afghanistan, but those scanners designed to keep us safe, ummm, not so much, says Popular Mechanics. Read more

TSA on the march: young boy searched shirtless

The video says it all … but this time the You Tube shooter provides commentary as well. Scary? You decide. Read more

Tales from the TSA, Part 414

Here are a couple more TSA nightmare stories with video for you. My guess is when the TSA grabs your groin and squeezes so hard you get lifted into the air … that’s too far. Ya think? Read more

Simsbury man punches TSA agent. Boiling point? Hot Air Howard Portnoy at 10AM

Sooner or later it had to happen but Simsbury? I could see the push back happening. We’ve been blogging on it for two weeks. But I never expected the push back would actually be a … ummm … push back? Read more

Your Government in Action, the TSA and the 4th Amendment – UPDATE: Video added UPDATE 2: Media person opts out, gets the “once over”

Now, I’ve avoided this one for a while, the TSA being such a case of fish in a barrel that I figured sanity would have to rein them in shortly.  Instead, they have turned into the story that keeps on giving. Read more