Watch Troopathon 2013 live right here – Live video

Troopathon 2013 starts RIGHT NOW. Watch the live video stream right here at Radio Vice Online. The event starts at 4 p.m. ET (1 p.m. PT).

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Troopathon 2013 – Two days to support our troops overseas

During the last few years, we’ve done our small part to support Move America Forward’s Troopathon donation drive. The one-day live event is tomorrow, but the official donation drive started a couple of weeks ago. We’re way behind – will you help today?

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Troopathon 2012 – Can you continue your support?

In the last four years, Radio Vice Online readers and Sound Off Connecticut listeners have stepped up big-time to support our troops serving overseas. The efforts to send care packages to the troops has been a successful one, but the need continues. Can you support Troopathon 2012?

This past year, we’ve asked a lot from readers when it comes to charity giving, and we’re asking for your help again. Last year, we promoted a month-long effort that raised more than $19,000 used towards care packages. This year, we’ve only got today – one day – to get it done. We know we will not be able to meet last years totals, but every little bit helps.

Please click on the banner to donate. Thank you!

Troopathon V “Never Forget About Our Troops”

Some helpful facts to know about this star studded fundraiser…

Troopathon is a once-a-year event held by Move America Forward (MAF) which is a non-profit charity dedicated to serving those who protect us: our brave troops. Troopathon V is a month-long care package drive that culminates in a star-studded 8-hour web-a-thon broadcast on July 12th from the Army Depot in Sacramento, CA.

Some Useful Facts About Troopathon:

  • Troopathon is a non-partisan non-political effort. We work with celebrities from Hollywood, television, the music industry, sports heroes and athletes, bloggers, journalists, radio personalities, academics, experts in the field, and elected officials to bring together a wide variety of guests to support our troops.
  • This year Troopathon is hosted by Melanie Morgan who continues to be a voice for our troops through her career behind the microphone at KSFO radio in San Francisco.
  • This year’s program is dedicated to the memory of Andrew Breitbart, who was a guest host for the past 3 Troopathon broadcasts and a dedicated supporter of the troops. We will celebrate his life and honor the troops he gave so much of his time for.
  • Past Troopathons have included an amazing array of guests from every type of industry.



You helped raise $19,000 for the troops – Thank you!

As we noted last week, Troopathon 2011 was a big success. During the day-long program they raised more than $500,000 for care packages to send to the troops. This year – for the second year in a row – our team the Greyhawks came in first place during the blogger competition. You chipped in to raise more than $19,000!

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Thank you for supporting Troopathon 2011 – $500,000+ raised

Just wanted to take a few minutes this morning to thank you all for your support during Troopathon 2011. I’m not sure what the results are yet, but we know in our hearts we were able to put smiles on a few faces this coming summer in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Troopathon 2011 – Watch the show live right here!

It’s 4 p.m. on the east coast and 1 p.m. on the west coast, and the 2011 Troopathon will be held for the next eight hours. It runs live through midnight (ET) tonight. This year’s goal is $700,000.

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Care packages for the troops – Troopathon blogger competition heats up

Ed Morrissey is scheduled to be on the big show this morning at the start of the 10 a.m. ET hour, so maybe Jim will get the opportunity to needle the leader of the Hot Air Steamers for being in second place behind the Greyhawks! That’s right, our blog team is in the lead!

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Troopathon 2011 – Care Packages for the Troops – Blogger competition starts now!

This will be our third year participating in Troopathon, a one-day event that will raise cash to put thousands of care packages into the hands of troops defending our liberty and freedom overseas. The prime-time event is June 23, but the blogger competition starts now!

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We raised $7,800 for Troopathon 2010

Although the blogger competition was a bit less enthusiastic than last year, Move America Forward’s Troopathon event raised more than $540,000 on July 1. RVO readers and listeners to the big radio show contributed $7,800. Thank you.

Send care packages today! Troopathon begins at 4 p.m. ET (Live Video Now)

Today is the final push for Standing for our Soldiers – Troopathon 2010. Last year our team was able to raise more than $17,000 in support of our service men and women serving overseas. Can you help again this year?

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