Thank you for supporting Troopathon 2011 – $500,000+ raised

Just wanted to take a few minutes this morning to thank you all for your support during Troopathon 2011. I’m not sure what the results are yet, but we know in our hearts we were able to put smiles on a few faces this coming summer in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jim and/or I will update this post to give you an idea of how much money was raised in the effort, and of course we’ll let you know how we did in the 2011 blogger competition. If we don’t have information posted here yet, you can check the Troopathon 2011 website.

Update: As of Friday morning, the total raised was almost $508,000.

As a thank you to everyone, we put our remaining stock of t-shirts and hats on sale through June 30. We cut the price by 25 percent, so you can pick up a shirt or hat for as little as $14.95 plus shipping. You can save a few dollars and buy early to avoid the new Connecticut sales tax we will have to collect on these items.

Click here to pick up a shirt or hat. If you order by end-of-day Wednesday we’ll have them in the mail Wednesday night so you’ll have them for the long holiday weekend and your local TEA parties and family reunions.

Thank you!

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