Troopathon 2011 – Care Packages for the Troops – Blogger competition starts now!

This will be our third year participating in Troopathon, a one-day event that will raise cash to put thousands of care packages into the hands of troops defending our liberty and freedom overseas. The prime-time event is June 23, but the blogger competition starts now!

Last year our team – The Greyhawks – came in first place while raising about $7,800 for care packages. That was great, but not as many bloggers participated in 2010 as did in 2009 when The Greyhawks raised more than $17,000 and came in second place.

You can click here to purchase care packages that start at $24.99 and go up from there.

Care packages include any or all of the following…

Gourmet Organiz Coffee, Oreo Cookies, Deodorant, Candy Diplomacy, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Hot Chocolate, Hot Apple Cider, Wet Wipes, Sunblock, Battery Operated Fans, Gatorade, Painted Hills Beef Jerky, Chap Stick, Planters Trail Mix, Ocean Spray Craisins Trail Mix, Bug Repellent, “For The Troops” CDs, Diana Nagy “The Journey of Life” CDs, and Foot Powder.


The goal of Troopathon is simple: Send care packages to our troops, as many as we can get sponsored in a single 8-hour show. In our first year (2008) our inaugural program brought in over $1.5 million for care packages for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was the single largest shipment of care packages ever recorded. Over the succeeding two years, our innovative webcasts have raised over $2 Million for our troops. Since our organization began sending care packages in 2006, we’ve sent over 168 TONS of high quality beef jerky, Gatorade, Oreo cookies and gourmet coffee to our troops, and that’s just the beginning!

Of course, the blogger competition has a head-start since we have more than five weeks to collect funds.

Our goal this year is to see if we can get back to our 2009 totals. Will you help us raise more than $17,000 for care packages? The blogger competition will be tough this year with Ed Morrissey announcing the Hot Air Steamers are back in the action as is FreeRepublic and the Anti-Jihadists lead by Jihad Watch.

The 2011 Greyhawk team includes Ron Winter Books, Radio Vice Online and Connecticut Watchdog. If you are a blogger interested in joining the effort, contact us or Danny Gonzalez at Move America Forward for more information.

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