Care packages for the troops – Troopathon blogger competition heats up

Ed Morrissey is scheduled to be on the big show this morning at the start of the 10 a.m. ET hour, so maybe Jim will get the opportunity to needle the leader of the Hot Air Steamers for being in second place behind the Greyhawks! That’s right, our blog team is in the lead!

We got word yesterday that our current total for Troopathon 2011 is about $5,000. Our team goal is $17,000. This fantastic effort is put together specifically to get care packages sent to our troops serving overseas. Packages include coffee, cookies, deodorant, candy, hot chocolate, apple cider, wet wipes, sunblock, messages from you and lots of other great stuff.

Order your care package that will be sent directly to the troops starting at $24.99.

With only a little over a week left until Troopathon, the MAF Blogger Competition for Troopathon IV is well underway and the competition is heating up!

After several weeks for adding blogs, we have an impressive list, and these teams are starting to raise some respectable numbers for our troops over in Iraq and Afghanistan!

The Greyhawks are in the lead, with Hot Air Steamers in a close 2nd. The Anti-Jihadists could still come back, these numbers could easily change quickly!

The big Troopathon 2011 event is one week from tomorrow (June 23) but you can contribute today. The goal for the Greyhawk team – including Radio Vice Online, Ron Winter Books and Connecticut Watchdog – is to get back to our 2009 total of $17,000. We know this is is a stretch goal, especially since you’ve been asked to help support the victims of many natural disasters here in the United States and overseas during the last year. But if you can, please put a few dollars aside for this great effort.