Avoid Obamacare penalty by “giving up” huge tax refund

This is hilarious, but not at all unexpected from the left-wing Politico. Paige Cunningham and Rachael Bade penned a post on Friday afternoon referring to a suggestion by Rush Limbaugh on how to avoid the Obamacare tax penalty if you don’t buy a health insurance policy.

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Obama admits to tax increases in “Affordable” Healthcare Act

When does the Sound Off Sister, Jim and I get credit from the Obamacare supporters who called us liars when it comes to the facts about Obamacare? Even the man himself has come out and finally referred to some of the increases. Read more

Do you have employer sponsored coverage? Take a look at box DD on 2012 W-2

Part of the Obamacare legislation was a requirement employers who provide/sponsor health coverage let employees know how much they are dishing out for your health care insurance. You might be surprised.

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Crazy Talk: Reuters thinks most Cubans have not paid taxes in 50 years

Pull me out of this spin machine! The media at Reuters posted a story early this morning – now highlighted on Drudge Report – that gives readers the impression Cubans have not paid taxes in 50 years all-the-while getting their free services.

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Obamacare wipes out Obama’s sought after tax increases

Our annual deficit has been running in excess of $1 trillion per year over the last 4 years.  Our President has now demanded tax increases of $160 billion per year, from the “rich” to off set that deficit.  Read more

Obama doubles down on tax increases

We told you on Monday that eliminating the Bush tax cuts for individuals making more than $200,000 per year, as demanded by the President, would theoretically raise $82 billion in revenue per year.  (More on that point later)  Today we learned that the President wants more. Read more

I’m willing to compromise…

…but I will not sign any legislation that does not raise taxes on the rich.  That is the President’s position as affirmed today by his press secretary, Jay Carney. Read more

Our “unpatriotic” deficit

Do any of you remember President Obama’s 2008 campaign wherein he called President Bush unpatriotic for the amount of Bush’s annual deficit, and, wherein, he further, pledged to cut that annual deficit in half? Read more

Why are people leaving California, and, who are they?

We did a post recently about the problems of the California pension system.  That prompted a somewhat lively discussion in the comments section about the population of California.  Thanks to those comments, I was reminded of an article I read several months ago that is “exactly on point”, as we lawyers say. Read more

State of Connecticut Not Better after Tax Hikes

I am amazed that the lights are still on here in the great state of Connecticut.  What even amazes me more is that this state after the largest tax increase in history by the Malloy Administration has still resulted in a deficit. Read more