You are the real tax target

While the President is campaigning on “tax the rich” you need to understand that it is you, not the rich, that are the ultimate focus of the Democrat’s plan. Read more

Just saying… Government collects about $60 billion a year on sales of gasoline at the pump

In 2010, the United States consumed about 3.28 billion barrels of gasoline. With 42 gallons per barrel, that’s 137.8 billion gallons. There are state and federal taxes collected at the pump. How much did government collect?

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Let’s raise taxes on the rich and insure that…

overall government tax receipts will fall.  That is the reality, but those on the left refuse to believe it.  Now we have more proof, this time from the UKRead more

Do Connecticut Democrats have “battered woman syndrome”?

An exchange on Jim’s show this morning made me laugh and think at the same time.  A caller remarked paying (well, bribing) companies to come to Connecticut is analogous to paying a high priced mistress: when the money dries up, she disappears in the middle of the night.

When you think about it, aren’t Democrats in CT like stereotypical battered women?  They keep voting in the same Democrats that have made CT one of, if not the, most expensive states in the country, to the point that CT is rated last on the list of desirable/affordable places to retire, with huge property taxes, outrageous fuel prices etc., etc., but every election they keep voting the incumbents in!  Think about it: the battered wife (voter), threatens to leave her husband (not vote for the CT Democrat pol), the husband makes all sorts of promises (campaign promises), including changing his errant ways (further assurances), then once she relents and comes back (votes for the pol), he goes back to his bad behavior (voting lockstep with the rest of the CT Dems)?  And the cycle repeats over and over again, the wife thinking that she can make him change (believes the promises yet again while taking the beating), or does it for the children (can’t sell the house with the huge mortgage).

Usually, at some point, the wife regains her senses and leaves, but in CT, where does she go?

You could further the analogy by having the state employee unions representing lovers to the cheating husband/pol, who get all the goodies (tax derived benefits like guaranteed pay, no layoffs), while the wife/taxpayer gets nothing but the abuse.  You could even look at the wife/taxpayer as paying alimony (taxes) to the cheating husband allowing him to continue his bad behavior!

At some point, the wife/taxpayer has to stop the cycle of abuse, and that will only happen when she gets a new husband/party, or can at least threaten the incumbents with an alternative.

I am wondering if continuing to support the ineffective and feckless Øbama is like stories of clods marrying imprisoned serial killers…!  My cup overruns!

Bottom line: two party states are like two newspaper towns: both keep the other honest.  Monopolies are never good for long.

J.E. Dyer: Taxes should not be used to create a condition of “fairness”

Refocusing the issue. Over at Hot Air last night, J.E. Dyer reminds us taxes and the methods of taxation should not be driven by the concept of making things right, rather taxes should simply be used to pay for government. What a concept!

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Tax-Exempt Media Matters for America illegally coordinates with Congress (Update)

We’ve known Media Matters for America is hiding behind its tax-exempt, non-partisan 501(c)(3) status, but it’s time the IRS calls them out and pull their tax-exempt approval. Read more

Taxing “the rich” doesn’t tax the rich after all

Last month we told you about the largest tax hike in the history of the state of Illinois, a 67% increase in income taxes, and corporate taxes rising to 9.5%.  This would raise $2 billion and balance the budget claimed Governor Pat Quinn (D.).  The tax was so widely popular that companies like Sears, the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange threatened to move out of Illinois if something wasn’t done.   Read more

The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street

About 10 months ago, Illinois passed what some believe to be the largest tax increase in the state’s history.  This was on top of a tax rate in Illinois that already was one of the highest in the country.  I don’t know whether Governor Pat Quinn (D.) followed this up by proudly announcing that Ilinois was open for business, but, if he did, it isn’t working out too well. Read more

All the President’s taxes

While we are still learning the complete details of the President’s new tax proposals, allegedly to be used to reduce the debt and deficit, some in the Senate have already offered their thoughts. Read more

The Buffett tax

Today President Obama announced yet another tax proposal to reduce out debt.  This tax increase is only on the real millionaires and billionaires.  The thousandaires (i.e. those making more than $200,000 whose taxes will rise if the Bush tax cuts expire, as the President desires) won’t have to worry about this new proposal. Read more