Obama admits to tax increases in “Affordable” Healthcare Act

When does the Sound Off Sister, Jim and I get credit from the Obamacare supporters who called us liars when it comes to the facts about Obamacare? Even the man himself has come out and finally referred to some of the increases.

From his remarks on Sept. 24.

So what we did — it’s paid for by a combination of things. We did raise taxes on some things.  We, for example, said that for high-end income individuals, you can pay a slightly higher Medicare rate — Medicare tax.  So we bumped that up a little bit.  We said that for employers who are currently providing a so-called Cadillac health care plan, where there are so many bells and whistles, there’s no incentive to actually spend wisely when it comes to health care — we’re actually going to penalize you for that — not only to raise a little bit of money, but also to say you’re encouraging the worst aspects of a health care system where you spend a lot of money, you don’t get better outcomes.

Of course, he totally forgot and will not mention all of the other taxes we pointed out here at RVO and on the big radio show. Americans for Tax Reform put it all in a nice neat package yesterday.

You know … the medical device tax, higher thresholds for medical expense deductions, and screwing with the Flexible Savings Accounts are just some of the taxes that hit everyone. There are more of course.

And don’t forget all of the government mandates that have been flowing out of this thing starting with automatic, required coverage for children up to the age of 26. Taxes make things more expensive, but federal and state mandates also makes products and services more expensive. You can argue if it is a “tax” or not a tax, but for the individual who pays the actual higher price, it really doesn’t matter does it?

We have a ton of posts about Obamacare on this web site. The Sound Off Sister has read the entire thing, I know Jim and I have read a lot of the pages and even provided direct links to the language that includes taxes and mandates that make health care less affordable and less available. To read more, click on the Obamacare tag just below this line.

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      • Lynn
        Lynn says:

        I do see, and you, SOS and Jim will never get credit from Obamacare supporters, they will just blame you for not being willing to try it. Of course, Congress and all those waived will not have to try it, but we the sheep will “see what’s in it”. ?It’s been my fear all along, it will never be fixed because the Legislative Branch will not have to suffer under it. Our only hope is a united opposition to Obamacare, maybe in 2014, we can throw the bums out.

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