Ukraine vs Russia, Obama vs Romney & Palin video clips

No real time to write about Russia’s encroachment (invasion) into the Ukrainian state of Crimea, but I figured I’d post these video clips for review since I find them somewhat interesting. Let’s look back to yesterday’s Krauthammer comments and the 2012 election.

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Obama for America attacks Sarah Palin in political ad

Certainly, Sarah Palin is a conservative figure and in the public’s eye, but can someone point out for me a specific campaign or video ad – produced by the candidate’s campaign – that attacked someone who was not running for office or leading/managing a state or national campaign for the candidate?

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Sarah Palin almost gets it – Solving the graft problem in Congress

In an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal this morning, Sarah Palin writes about graft inside the beltway, and the recently released “Throw Them All Out” by Peter Schweizer. Her suggestion to increase transparency and add layers of bureaucracy to monitor and restrict financial moves by members of Congress might work at the state level, but in Washington it would be treating symptoms, not the disease itself.

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Palin hater’s “last best chance” falls flat in McGinniss book

Joe McGinniss himself uses phrases including: a little thinno one has provided any evidenceunreliable source, rumors … are not facts, garbagetawdry gossipmalicious speculation and third-hand rumors when discussing content for an attack-book on Gov. Sarah Palin in an email to one of the Palin-hater kings.

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Why is Politico trying to create a Palin vs Bachmann feud?

Last night, retracto at Big Government strongly suggested Politico authors Paul Goldman and Mark Rozell correct and retract their claim that Sarah Palin demanded she should get the credit for building the TEA party constituency especially since she’s taking constant beating in the media. Of course, Politico made up the entire thing.

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Tell me… Why is Sarah Palin not “electable”

Sound off in this open thread. I’ve been thinking about the concept of electability for the past couple of days. I tend to look at policy positions and leadership qualities more than personal backgrounds and style. It’s not that the other stuff is unimportant, rather I tend to look for a conservative leader that can move us in the right direction.

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Hot Air poll results – Palin has wide lead over other GOP possible candidates

I think Jim did something similar here at RVO within the last week, but he missed a couple of possible candidates when he first published the poll. The Hot Air poll is somewhat relevant, since we’re talking a primary and you’ve got to figure Hot Air readers would be included in the group actually voting in a primary.

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Palin schedule: Fundraiser in Denver instead of Republican debate

Of course, the calendar can change, but as we look forward to a growing list of mushy Republican candidates posted within the next 30 days or so, I thought this was interesting.

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The Left whacks Palin. Forgets Obama’s greatest hits

I am not sure why the lefties have once again made the lovely Sarah Palin a big time target for personal hits again … but so be it. Much is being made of Sarah’s gaffe on Becky’s show. It wasn’t much of a gaffe as you will see. But it has left them open to a very special holiday rerun of the “One’s” most memorable moments, which I have conveniently compiled for you all. Read on my little mobsters. Read on. Read more

Coulter writes: Dear Sarah Palin, Please endorse Rob Simmons

Now this is a wake up call Connecticut and tells you that some people still consider Connecticut important. Ann Coulter in her column this morning is pleading with Sarah Palin, the Queen maker, to make a new King in … Connecticut, former Congressman Rob Simmons. Coulter is from Connecticut and has a stake in this one, but is the timing too late? Read more