Polling for Dummies

Over the last couple months, there has been a great many poll numbers flying about, with this candidate up and that candidate down or vice versa.  Now, without getting into the actual mathematical and statistical details, these polls, contrary to popular belief, do not give you a precise answer.  They may not even give you an accurate answer.  To understand what they are really telling you, you  have to understand the lingo. Read more

McMahon closing fast … aide says it all depends on turnout now

There you go. It depends on the little “mobsters”. Can’t say I am surprised. The latest Rasmussen poll demonstrates a dramatic turnaround for Republican Senate Candidate Linda McMahon especially with independents. Details below the fold. Read more

Sinking: The Blumenthal slide continues

Rasmussen’s latest poll on the Connecticut Senate race gives us the “Tale of the Tape”. Linda McMahon continues to close the gap on the “golden boy”. More telling for crown prince Blumenthal, the leaners are breaking for McMahon. Momentum! Read more

Rasmussen vs. Quinnipiac – Blumenthal vs. McMahon

Hold on here a second. Will someone in the media please take a look at the polling methodology between the Quinnipiac and Rasmussen polls concerning the US Senate race in Connecticut? Why are the results so different?

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Barak Obama, the Titanic edition

Things are looking mighty bad for President Barak Obama.

His signature issue of health-care reform?  SinkingRead more

Poll – 55% want health care legislation repealed

Not just fix it, but repeal it. More than half of Americans don’t like the legislation or the way it was forced through Congress. You’ll see plenty of video online with free-loaders thinking it’s Christmas, where all they will need to do is pay their co-pay and everything will be OK.

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44% strongly disapprove of Obama’s performace – same as Bush at worst time

Rasmussen Reports has President Obama’s approval index rating at -21 today, which is a tie for his worst, but more notably, 44 percent strongly disapprove of how the president is performing in his role. That’s the same as George W. Bush during his last month in office.

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Obama’s approval index back to pre-SOTU levels

Two days ago John Hinderacker over at Power Line Blog noted President Obama’s approval ratings were back to the pre-State of the Union levels. After the Scott Brown-induced speech, Obama is back to an approval index of -15 in the most recent Rasmussen poll.

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Connecticut voters to Dodd: No we still don’t like you

The H/T goes to Sound off Connecticut regular Jim Geraghty over at National Review, but the credit all goes to the Senior Senator.

Rasmassusen reports he still trails Rob Simmons badly. Heck, he trails everyone badly. Quote of the day.

Typically, when an incumbent polls below 50%, they are considered potentially vulnerable. Dodd certainly falls into that category.

Ya think?

Palin could be next national conservative leader

I have no idea who will step up as the leader of conservatives during the next two years. Quite honestly, I’m not sure if anyone will step up as a national leader for conservatives. But we do need a leader.

Could it be Gov. Palin? One thing seems for certain, if we held a national Republican primary right now, she’d win hands down.

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