Palin could be next national conservative leader

I have no idea who will step up as the leader of conservatives during the next two years. Quite honestly, I’m not sure if anyone will step up as a national leader for conservatives. But we do need a leader.

Could it be Gov. Palin? One thing seems for certain, if we held a national Republican primary right now, she’d win hands down.

Here are the results from a recent Rasmussen Reports poll. I don’t have access to the internals, but the sample was from 1,000 likely Republican voters, conducted the day after the election by phone, and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent.

When asked to choose among some of the GOP’s top names for their choice for the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, 64% say Palin. The next closest contenders are two former governors and unsuccessful challengers for the presidential nomination this year — Mike Huckabee of Arkansas with 12% support and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts with 11%.

Three other sitting governors – Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Charlie Crist of Florida and Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota – all pull low single-digit support.

Note all are governors or former governors, not one has inside the beltway experience.

Other information…

  • 69 percent thought Palin helped the ticket
  • 20 percent thought Palin hurt the ticket
  • She has a 91 percent favorable rating among Republicans

More online over at the Rasmussen Reports Web site.

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  1. Dianne
    Dianne says:

    I love Sarah Palin. I am sure if elected, she would have made a GREAT VP. She is so energetic, intelligent, and no nonsense. I love what she did for Alaska and would liked to have seen what she would have done for us. The liberal media killed this race for her. I would LOVE to see her run for President in 2012!!!! Go Sarah

  2. Edward Green
    Edward Green says:

    Sarah Palin is just what us conservitives have been waiting for.  She has simalur roots of the great Ronald Reagan.  She has come up on her own, and connects to the American people with ease.  She is shunned by the main stream, which is a good indication that she is feared by the established insiders. 
    Once all the dust has settled and Sarah reemerges she will be welcomed by those of us who are going to take the Republican party back to it true roots.  While many look at Newt to lead, and true he will play a large part, but it will be Sarah that will lead the party back into power.

  3. shiningcityonahill
    shiningcityonahill says:

    Though I adore and admire Sarah Palin, she's clearly still diamond in the rough.  I don't think she'll be ready to lead the party anywhere for some time.  Republicans need to purge the party of closet Democrats and "establishment" republicans to prepare the way for a leader that will return us to conservative roots.  Rep. Mike Pence from Indiana is a good start as far as leadership in Congress goes. He voted against the monstrous bailout and is one of very few conservatives in the party who still stands on principle. I think that his positions will stand in stark contrast to those of the new administration. He's definitely good for the party.  Newt? We'll have to wait and see.

  4. David
    David says:

    I love Sarah Palin, I think that she will be great! She is a true leader. But… the Leftist Dem's and their Media pit bulls are playing for keeps. They have been out of power for years. Now with that power….., they will be doing pre strikes and anal examines on and against anyone who will seek to threaten their power base and future reign. They will seek to demonize talk radio, conservatives and it's rising leaders 24/7. The reality is that we have just entered into the 1930's…..of political fascism.
    The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

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