An honest-to-goodness filibuster on Brennan’s CIA appointment

We have leadership who are starting to step up. The expansion of the federal government, extension of powers must roll back. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.)  has stepped up to make a statement which was kicked off by Attorney General Eric Holder’s answer about drone strikes within the United States against Americans.

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Rand Paul: Obama political math is absurd (Video)

To be certain, this type of math has been used forever by the federal government. If you just purchased an iPad Mini for $329, do you think you could get away with coming home and telling your significant other you just saved $170 by not buying the full-sized iPad?

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Sen. Rand Paul on the Fiscal Cliff bill

It’s a bit long, but getting great reviews. From yesterday afternoon, prior to the Senate deal after midnight this morning.

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Senator Rand Paul to Obama energy official: Leave my toilets and lightbulbs alone

Or something like that. This video actually is a good narrative on why so many Americans find greater government control on our personal lives antithetical to the American way. Watch the whole thing as Paul takes on another busy body from the left. Read more

What not to do at a CPAC conference: take a whack at Ron Paul, Mr Trump

I post this as a public service to those thinking of running for office as a conservative. You might think it, you might believe it, but you just don’t say it. But Donald Trump always calls it like he sees it and he’s never been accused of being shy … about anything. Watch and learn my little mobsters. Read more

Rand Paul Speaks … making sense

It seems everyone has a response now to the SOTU but I am choosing to highlight Senator Rand Paul’s response because he does not hold back, he makes sense, and he, unlike so many others, understands the gravity of the problem. “The fact is the cat’s out of the bag …” Read more

Rand Paul To Republicans: We are co-opting you

By that he means the Tea Party Movement. Stand strong my little mobsters. Read more

Boehner and Paul: Courage of conviction

Two videos for you who feel a bit wishy washy today. Understandable, especially if you live in New England, eh? The first is John Boehner in his victory speech. Inspiring. The second from Rand Paul, defining American exceptionalism. Read more

Matthews: Ya know you tea party people remind me of … nazis?

Typical … Matthews is commenting on the Rand Paul supporter who stepped on the MoveOn member before a debate in Kentucky. That video is below as well. The money line, “When has a liberal politician had a thug step on someone?” Hmmm, don’t know .. let me ask Kenneth Gladney. Read more

You crazy wacky libertarians you.

In wish that was all the wizzards of smart had to say about small “l” libertarians, but alas, it wasn’t. How about radical, and, Chuck Todd’s “no core principles.” Father, forgive them. They are just ignorant. Read more