What not to do at a CPAC conference: take a whack at Ron Paul, Mr Trump

I post this as a public service to those thinking of running for office as a conservative. You might think it, you might believe it, but you just don’t say it. But Donald Trump always calls it like he sees it and he’s never been accused of being shy … about anything. Watch and learn my little mobsters.

Allow me to set the stage. First understand that the small “l” and large “L” libertarians flock to see pack more each year. How else could Ron Paul win last year’s conference straw poll? Nevertheless Donald Trump ventures into that swamp and gets the kind of reaction you would expect.

I have two issues with this. First, as I understand it, Rand Paul was actually the scheduled speaker and Donald Trump was the surprise guest speaker so Trump is not in a good position to begin with. Second, my little mobsters, it’s not exactly proper decorum to stand up and yell your candedate’s name when another is trying to speak.

Nonetheless, Trump does his best imitaion or General Custer and receives a similar response, figuratively of course.

So far the CPAC convention is more noted this year for its conflict rather than it’s message. Whether it’s the casino guy or GOProud, there’s never a dull moment.

Senator Rand Paul agrees with me. Yeah.

The son, Senator Rand Paul, seemed amused by the whole thing. Laughing he told CNN Donald Trump “decided to mention something about the un-electability of my father and the crowd was somewhat partisan towards my father and they didn’t like it.” He added “I think it was probably a mistake for him to say in that crowd.”

As for GOProud. It’s true, the gay conservative group has been treated less than hospitality at the convention and it started even before the convention. Conservative Christians unhappy that conservative gays would be included. But you don’t win friends and actually create enemies, as Erick Erickson says, by reverting to the lefty tactic of immediately labeling those who don’t like you, as bigots.

NOTE: It appears there’s division in GoProud as well on this.

It now appears that members from within GoProud have also found disagreement with Barron in a statement posted at the blog of GoProud Treasurer Bruce Carroll.  In a statement written by B. Daniel Blatt and signed by Carroll, they publicly expressed their discontent:

OK. Everyone take a deep breath. Hat tip to Hot Air for the links and to Mike Church this morning for talking about this.

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  1. Plainvillian
    Plainvillian says:

    Ego, bad form, whatever, Trump is right – Ron Paul is not electable.  Paul is too old, too physically unattractive, and too unbending in ideological purity to appeal to the electorate.  And that's unfortunate.

  2. steve418r
    steve418r says:

    Can Donald Trump win the Democratic nomination for president? It would be interesting to see. I feel anyone is better than the person we have in office right now.

    I am not sure I am ready for 2 years of campaigning. I could be so overwhelmed if I jump in now and get involved with all this posturing, that I will be worn out when the time comes for the real work of supporting the candidate that emerges as a forerunner.

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