Symptom of the Disease: Federal funds used for N.J. Hurricane Sandy relief

This is the kind of stuff that always comes up when the federal government steps in to provide funding to a local area with a bail out. New Jersey and Gov. Chris Christie is being investigated concerning how they spent federal dollars for a marketing campaign to promote the state and its shoreline.

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Mr. President, what is your belief?

Today, President Obama visited New Jersey. That was pretty much “ground zero” for Hurricane Sandy.  The President made several comments.  This was one. Read more

We Will Control the Horizontal

I have read the United States Constitution on more than one occasion.  I have read it just to read it.
I have read it looking for specific information, and no where on that document does it say
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Public sector union contract negotiations should not be private

The expectation of a local teacher’s union in New Jersey is complete privacy during salary and benefit negotiations with the local school board, all the way through to the point where negotiations are finalized. That old-school practice is no longer acceptable, and eight members of the Ramsey, N.J. school board pulled back the curtain for local residents in February.

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More Obamacare waivers slip under the radar

Recently the Department of Health and Human Services granted additional waivers from the burdens of Obamacare, this time to four states.  Count your blessings if you are a state employee, and live in… Read more

Democrat in N.J. wants kids to cough up $10 registration fee for bikes

I’m not kidding. Anything to collect a fee for the state. If you are walking on a sidewalk, you’re using town or state resources, should we also require a plate be attached to our back-side? Maybe require official state inspection of bicycles? Yeah … that’s good for another $10 … gotta ensure those bikes are safe to ride.

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New Jersey lawmakers still want to steal unused gift cards

Last summer, New Jersey ammended the state’s Uniform Unclaimed Property Act, allowing the state to seize (steal) unused money on gift cards. The law was signed by Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.). In November, a judge temporarily struck down the law. How I missed this before, I just don’t know, as is a prime example of actions that would be considered criminal if done by a private party.

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Christie steps in and commutes sentence of New Jersey man convicted in gun case

We covered this story and few weeks ago and looks like we have a happy resolution. If you remember, Brian Aitken, had been convicted of illegally carrying two guns and was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Except that the guns were purchased legally, and the Judge never allowed the jury to hear specific exception clauses in New Jersey law that would have likely acquitted Brian in this case. Christie has stepped in, thankfully.

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Gov. Christie to school administrator … “Let me help you pack”

As school administrator contracts expire in New Jersey, employees will be subject to a salary cap. Of course, if you’re contract is about to expire and you’re making more than the proposed cap, that means a pay cut. To keep the high-paid administrators on staff at the current (or higher) salaries, school boards are suggesting contract extensions instead of new contracts.

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Democrats create fake Tea Party candidate to siphon votes from GOP

They think a small part of the electorate in New Jersey – especially the Republicans – are too stupid to figure out what’s going on. I’ll freely admit some likely GOP voters will blindly follow, but most of the blind-followers are normally associated with the donkey party.

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