N.J. Democrat: How about $500 per year to exercise 2nd Amendment rights?

Pathetic. Disturbing. Unreal. It’s already totally unacceptable the state of New Jersey severely restricts residents concerning their 2nd Amendment rights, but now a New Jersey state legislator suggests – for $500 per year – the state would reconsider their opinion. They think they can generate tax revenue through the scheme.

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Lie to New Jersey Gov. Christie … you goin’ down, down, down

New Jersey Education Commissioner Bret Schundler has been relieved of his duties. Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) made it a point to note Schundler provided the correct budget figures at a “Race to the Top” presentation in Washington D.C. Did anyone have a camera focused on Schundler when Christie made that claim?

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Clerical error ensures New Jersey loses $400 million in education funding

This “Race to the Top” thing is totally stupid. From what I remember, Connecticut failed to get an application in on time and lost out, now New Jersey inserts 2008 budget numbers into a binder – instead of the required 2010 numbers – and they miss out [oh well] on $400 million?

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New Jersey governor beats Obama in head-to-head approval polls

I found this interesting, even though we’re talking quite a different demographic when comparing New Jersey to all of the United States.
In the Garden State, Gov. Chris Christie’s (R-N.J.) job approval rating is 51 percent, with 36 percent – including probably 99.9 percent of teachers – disapproving. How does that compare to President Obama?

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Christie to Tapper: We’re just getting started

You either love this guy (if you believe in fiscal conservatism) or you hate him, right lefties? But I have rarely seen the New Jersey Governor not get a reaction. So this clip is for both of you. Plenty to love and plenty to hate. Read more

Christie, Christie, he’s our man. If he can do it Connecticut can

And that’s my question of the day. If Chris Christie can cut a budget deficit of $11 billion dollars with his first budget … why is it Connecticut anguishes over a “projected gap” of $3 billion. Why is it the only way they could close the current gap was with smoke and mirrors. I’ll take one of these, please. Hat tip to Hot Air for this one. Read more

NJ Governor Chris Christie: “The day of reckoning is here.”

I’ll take one of these please. May I have a Governor like this one please. More please. Tough choices and the unions hate him, but the people of New Jersey love him. Why? Not because he’s a budget cutter. Because they know the day of reckoning is at hand too. Read more

Do we need more politicians like New Jersey Governor Christie?

I think… yes. This is a video from a May 10 press conference where a columnist asks Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) about his confrontational tone. The way I look at it, politics by definition is partisan. That’s the whole idea of politics.

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New Jersey governor calls out Alice in Wonderland budgeting

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stepped out in front of 200 New Jersey mayors last week and placed budget realities right out there for everyone to see. Would leaders at the federal level have the guts to do the same?

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