To Boehner: It’s too late to just delay Obamacare for a year

Critics fought the federal health care legislation really hard. At some point, the clock can not be turned back. I’m not saying we can’t eventually get rid of this stupid law, it’s just that we can’t delay it – delay anything – and expect the issue to be resolved in 34 days. Not. Gonna. Happen.

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Obama to Boehner: “We don’t have a spending problem”

I’m wondering if President Obama figured House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) would spill the beans concerning the discussions he had with the president. I want to hear more. I want to hear the president stand up and tell the American people the federal government does not “have a spending problem.”

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President Obama’s mandate

Shortly after his reelection, President Obama told America that he had just received a mandate from voters to implement his policies.  But, here is some information that you will never hear from the main stream media.  In reality, the President’s mandate is about 330,000 votes. Read more

Boehner and GOP talking about tax increases again

I have a hunch my newsreader feed will once again be populated with posts about this afternoon’s Washington Post story referencing House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) refreshed openness to accepting new revenue. Oh joy. Read more

What happened to “the deal”? Plus … caption the picture contest

At 6 pm Friday evening, we learned that the negotiations between the President and the Speaker of the House concerning the debt/deficit fell apart.  Why? Read more

Boehner and Paul: Courage of conviction

Two videos for you who feel a bit wishy washy today. Understandable, especially if you live in New England, eh? The first is John Boehner in his victory speech. Inspiring. The second from Rand Paul, defining American exceptionalism. Read more

Paul Begala: Boehner’s call for White House heads to roll a pretty smart move

Honesty in politics is always refreshing and this will tell you how much trouble the Democrats are in. Last night on CNN, Clintonista and Democrat/White House strategist Paul Begala was asked to respond to Republican House Leader John Boehner’s call for the firing of Obama’s entire economic team (or what’s left of them). I expected spin. It’s not what I got. Read more

Obama’s health care olive branch…or not

In a nationally televised interview before Sunday’s Super Bowl, President Obama declared he wanted to hold a health care summit between Democrats and Republicans to reach bipartisan agreement as to the future course of Obamacare.

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Pelosicare explained

From Congressman and Republican leader John Boehner’s office. The latest chart revisions to Pelosicare. H/T Ray Dunaway’s links. Click to enlarge. The big PDF version is here.

Pelosicare big

Boehner to Hoyer: You sound like the “dog ate your homework.”

Debating the non stimulating stimulus plan. Congressman Hoyer tries to cover for the stimulus not stimulating and Boehner holds his feet to the fire.

The question Chris Wallace puts to Congressman Hoyer is a simple one. Do we need another stimulus. Stenny goes off on we just need more time, we inherited a mess … yada, yada. For Boehner, enough is enough and stops him cold. Then he throws in the plan the Republicans offered for good measure.

Finally a Republican stands up and speaks out on a talk show.


Couldn’t we use more of this. or am I wrong. Maybe better … where has this kind of push back been?