Boehner to Hoyer: You sound like the “dog ate your homework.”

Debating the non stimulating stimulus plan. Congressman Hoyer tries to cover for the stimulus not stimulating and Boehner holds his feet to the fire.

The question Chris Wallace puts to Congressman Hoyer is a simple one. Do we need another stimulus. Stenny goes off on we just need more time, we inherited a mess … yada, yada. For Boehner, enough is enough and stops him cold. Then he throws in the plan the Republicans offered for good measure.

Finally a Republican stands up and speaks out on a talk show.


Couldn’t we use more of this. or am I wrong. Maybe better … where has this kind of push back been?

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I'm liking Boehner more and more every day. The only Republican with enough testicular fortitude and conservative bona fides to be worth the name.

    Boehner/Palin? 😉

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