New media points out AP Obama approval poll sample total fiction

Unbelievable. How does the Associated Press improve the people’s impression of President Obama’s approval numbers overnight? Completely change the sample and under-estimate the number of Republicans by half.

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Hot Air poll results – Palin has wide lead over other GOP possible candidates

I think Jim did something similar here at RVO within the last week, but he missed a couple of possible candidates when he first published the poll. The Hot Air poll is somewhat relevant, since we’re talking a primary and you’ve got to figure Hot Air readers would be included in the group actually voting in a primary.

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Malkin sells Hot Air blog to Salem Communications

I figured something may have been up when Ed and AP were off at the first “company meeting” a few weeks ago, and AP dropped a hint last night. I asked Ed Morrissey about it last night, and he said “Something is coming – all good, tho”.

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Join us today on The Ed Morrissey Show – 3:30 p.m. ET

Trying this again! I’ll be a guest on The Ed Morrissey Show tomorrow (Tuesday, Dec. 1) at 3:30 p.m. ET. Ed’s been a guest on my show a few times and I’m excited to talk with Ed and his Internet audience. Join us for the fun. Update: Added video and audio from Ed’s show to this post. Read more

Fenstermaker not credentialed to speak for Guantanamo terrorists – Update

Scott Fenstermaker has been on a publicity tour acting as though he is authorized to speak for the terrorists scheduled to make an appearance in federal criminal court. Fifteen months ago, Fenstermaker lost privileges and was removed from the military commissions civilian defense counsel pool.

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Ed Morrissey from Hot Air today at 11 a.m. ET – Update: audio posted

Just a quick heads-up for listeners. Ed Morrissey from Hot Air will be on the air today with Jim on Sound Off Connecticut at 11 a.m. ET. For those of you who miss the live interview, we’ll have the MP3 posted later today the audio is now available.

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Audio from Ed Morrissey (Hot Air) interview today

Here’s the audio from Jim’s interview with Ed Morrissey from Hot Air this morning.

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No News is Good News in Iraq

Ever wonder what happened to all of the news coverage coming from Iraq after – let’s say – last September? General Petraeus reported in September that the surge was working, but we had more to do. Things were – and are – much better in Iraq. Some may say that the people have become less and less interested in the war in Iraq. Do we become less interested if we are winning? Read more