Malkin sells Hot Air blog to Salem Communications

I figured something may have been up when Ed and AP were off at the first “company meeting” a few weeks ago, and AP dropped a hint last night. I asked Ed Morrissey about it last night, and he said “Something is coming – all good, tho”.

Malkin currently owns two of the top 10 political blogs in the country, and I’m not sure how involved she has been with day to day operations at Hot Air in the last couple of years. In the beginning, she was doing more video blogging, but business models change.

Here is the Mediaite story, and Morrissey notes

Neither Allahpundit nor I will have any official comment on this until tomorrow, but if you read our Twitter feeds last night, you already knew that a big announcement about Hot Air’s business status was on the way.  What I can tell you now is that Hot Air’s current mission and direction will not change, and that both AP and I will continue being part of Hot Air for the foreseeable future.

Malkin is planning an announcement later today.

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