Your tax dollars at work…helping to pay for the mosque at Ground Zero

I heard on the news tonight that the developers of the mosque at Ground Zero have applied for a grant from the federal government.  They are asking for $5 million (of your money) to provide for “social services”.  Of course, whatever those “social services” may happen to be, in reality, you will be helping to build the mosque. Read more

The Age of Divisiveness

Anyone who disagrees with President Obama has been labeled a “racist”. Those who attend tea parties have been labeled “Nazi”. If you don’t like what this administration has done, and speak out against it, according to the Speaker of the House, you are “unamerican”.

Taxes must be raised on the “rich” as, according to our President, they are the “greedy” ones who sit back and reap their rewards off the backs of the “poor”.  Let’s forget for the moment that the “poor” wouldn’t have a job, but for the “rich”.

We have an Imam who wants to build a Mosque near the site of Ground Zero.

And now, we have a “pastor” in Florida who wants to burn a copy of the Koran in a ceremony on Saturday, September 11.

All of the above labels and actions fit nicely within our concepts of freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.  But, are they right? 

To me, they are not. 

All they do is divide us into small fractionalized groups.  And, the more fractionalized we become the more we forget how we began…

We the people of the United States…”

Mob rule and the “Ground Zero Mosque”: Lefties show the love

I post this only because those who opposed the mosque (yes mosque, not community center) at Ground Zero have been described by the main stream media as “haters”, “bigots”, “Islamophobes” and yes, even raaaaaaaacists. And yet somehow these incidents always fall off the radar screen of the main stream media or dismissed as the “radical fringe”. Lots of fringe on this movement. Read more

Media Quote of the Day: You mosque protesters are freaks or something

I wasn’t even going to post this but of the three Morning Joe bites I have on You Tube, with no publicity, this one seems to be getting attention. Try to ignore the e-mail Mika gets on her blackberry at the beginning of this clip. The WH is on vacation so it can’t be from them (Just kidding Mika) … but there is no way to ignore Scarborough. Read more

Daisy Kahn: The mosque will be built and by the way … you’re all Muslim haters

Well, ok then. Opoosed to the mosque, you are now beyond Islamophobic … you are haters, purveyors of hate, hateful Islamophobic, racists. And just because you have made a big stink out of this … we are going ahead and building the mosque, which isn’t really a mosque, which is what we called it last year, its a cultural center. Read more

The “Drive-By” President and the Ground Zero Mosque

To paraphrase one my favorite Rush Limbaugh expressions in regard to the media, Obama looks more and more like a “Drive-By” President, certainly on the issue of the mosque but it also applies to the Health Care debate (“There may have been a few stray cats and dogs in that bill”) and of course the “stupid cops” controversy in Cambridge, MA. Read more

Lefty quandary: Blame Bush … or ask for help? Update- Ed Morrissey and Wyndeward

It is so hard to be a lefty these days. No, not because of their loyal stance to statism. I think they are wrong, especially when it comes to economics but … they are entitled to their opinion. No, it’s hard because of all of the self inflicted wounds by Democrat politicians. Case in point … the Ground Zero Mosque. They get forced into a corner, come down on the wrong side … try to work their way out and end up having to decide: Blame Bush or ask for his help. Yikes! Read more

On the job: Pelosi wants an investigation into the people … opposed to the mosque?

Yes my friends. Forget the investigation into who actually will be funding the building of this still unfunded $10o million dollars project. Let’s first take a look at who is funding the people who are expressing their displeasure in the building of the mosque. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats continue their plunge toward obscurity and November 2010. Read more

Obama: For the mosque … before he was agin’ it. UPDATE: Andrew McCarthy @ 9:35 am

Make no mistake, the young President is for the mosque being built near ground zero. I think. Well I’m pretty sure. Oh crap, I have no idea. I report … you decide. Read more

Senator Jack Reed on Ground Zero Mosque: For the first amendment before he’s agin’ it.

Democrats are having a real tough time finding their bearings on the Ground Zero Mosque and I think it’s because they know how weak their stand for the mosque is. Not weak constitutionally (although in this case the Constitution disappears) … weak morally, and when your world revolves around moral relativism, your argument ends up with plenty of holes. Like this one. Read more