The “Drive-By” President and the Ground Zero Mosque

To paraphrase one my favorite Rush Limbaugh expressions in regard to the media, Obama looks more and more like a “Drive-By” President, certainly on the issue of the mosque but it also applies to the Health Care debate (“There may have been a few stray cats and dogs in that bill”) and of course the “stupid cops” controversy in Cambridge, MA.

In each case the President drops a controversial statement, walks away and watches as chaos ensues. Eventually he modifies or back tracks, or has a beer or something … and then plays the role of conciliator. Nice job Mr. President.

This time he tells us the Ground Zero Mosque should be built, then backtracks, then all hell breaks loose, then he goes on vacation while the opposition is labeled raaaaaaaaaaaaacist (H/T Michelle Malkin), or Islamophobes, or hatemongers or whatevah.

Mark Halperin of Time Magazine gets it. He tells Joe Scarborough this morning he’s shocked, shocked the President would “drive-by” and thinks the President is the only one who can resolve this issue, well and Mike Bloomberg.


Well actually no. The folks in my poll today are not surprised and they think the President has done enough damage. I disagreed at first but now I agree. This was planned, the ensuing chaos is just what he expected. Now he can be the hero. Ughhhhh. Create chaos, revel for a week, then step in as the great conciliator? Any physiologists out there know what this is called? I’m not saying, I’m just saying is all.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I had a "friend" like Øbama once.  He used to do something loud and/or disgusting, then look at me in disgust and say <Dimsdale>!!  Of course, I would get in trouble with the teacher.  Of course, this was in the sixth grade.


    Øbama seems to have modified Clinton's triangulation strategy where, instead of standing back and letting the different parties squabble and then look like the great mediator, Øbama instigates the problem, then stands back trying to look all innocent.  Jim gives pertinent examples.  I suspect he has done the same thing with the birth certificate thing.  By deliberately not producing the genuine birth certificate, and letting hang the possible question of his birthright based legitimacy as president, he and his followers get to say "look how weewee'd up those people are!"  He could probably deliver the coup de grace by actually "relenting" and producing the document.  Sounds like pure, undistilled Axelrod to me.

    • scottm
      scottm says:

      As I recall, it was people such as Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich who the instigated the problem, the plans for this were in place for a year but they waited until it was closer to election time to come out strongly against it.  Why don't they come out and try to smooth things over?

  2. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    (Well, that was a fail…how did I end up posting a blank comment?)…

    Jim, if you're looking for a textbook mental disorder diagnosis for Obama, I'm inclined to lean toward narcissistic personality disorder.
    Although he does exhibit some of the personality traits of a sociopath:
    In any event, he would be a great case study for an abnormal psych class….I could add an awkward "LOL" here, but it would be just that: awkward.  More than anything, his behavior is disturbing, not amusing.  This is the most powerful leader in the free world.  Definitely gives one pause…


    • Odonna
      Odonna says:

      You're likely right, though I thought Jim was going for Munchausen's (sp?).  Where someone makes someone under their care sick, or continually with problems so that they can then be seen as the angel of mercy, or step in as the hero.

  3. chris-os
    chris-os says:

    How disgusting is Obama! Imagine…saying America's ideal of religious freedom cannot be questioned?

    What is wrong with him?

    After his election, he reached out to the Muslim world, starting with that speech in Cairo where he said we were after the terrorists, not the faith of Islam.

    What the heck was he trying to do, promote world peace? Un-American!

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      I will remember that the next time a Catholic hospital is threatened for not performing abortions because it is forbidden by their religion.


      When Bush said that it is the terrorists, not Islam, were you supporting him?  Do you support him now?


      Given the way Øbama has abandoned allies like some of the former Soviet bloc nations and Isreal and sucked up to dictators and repressive regimes like Chavez and Ahmadinejihad, he has a funny way of promoting peace.

  4. chris-os
    chris-os says:

    I did support Bush when he said that it was terrorists, not Islam who attacked us

    Then he lost focus on those who attacked us and became a religious megalomaniac and said that God told him to invade Iraq.


  5. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I think every once in a while, Obama cuts his puppet strings and gets away. Then somebody hauls him back and writes him a warm, fuzzy speech.

  6. rickyrock
    rickyrock says:

    The interesting thing is that on the one hand people say that Obama is an amateur politician but then in the next breath he is this Machiavellian puppeteer.You can't have it both ways .What Obama originally said was quite intelligent: The Mosque is protected by our religious freedoms and building this cultural center is not intended to offend any poor soul who lost a loved one. He made both points quite eloquently. Personally I think it prudent to build elsewhere…the juxtaposition is too harsh for all the lost souls and their families.

  7. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    rickyrock, I don't always express myself well. But I don't want you to think I said President Obama is a Machiavellian Puppeteer, I mean he is a Puppet. George Soros and all the other world wide financiers control Obama. Mr. Soros just sold millions of stock in 40-50 US companies. I know that is not a huge amount in world wide finances, but it is a partial reason why the World Central Bankers who met in Jackson Hole are all reporting the world wide financial crises, which was reported today!

    I'm afraid Jim has to tell us what the hell is going on. I'm a complete amateur on world wide finances, but history shows us that financial crises bring big-time war.

  8. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Also, President Obama is a babe-in-the- wood. He has no clue what he has unleashed by weakening US finances. He thought he would be revered by the masses that voted for him. He was going to share the wealth and save the downtrodden. Well he has succeeded in his goal, but he is dragging everyone down. He isn't even a poor first time President, he is a complete failure.

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