On the job: Pelosi wants an investigation into the people … opposed to the mosque?

Yes my friends. Forget the investigation into who actually will be funding the building of this still unfunded $10o million dollars project. Let’s first take a look at who is funding the people who are expressing their displeasure in the building of the mosque. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats continue their plunge toward obscurity and November 2010.

This comes to us courtesy of Protein Wisdom. My guess is Pelosi wants to prove to the world that the campaign to stop the building of the “Ground Zero” mosque is a conservative right wing conspiracy, instead of what really began as a campaign by 9-11 families who were outraged by this.

Plus, you would think Madam Speaker would want to know who exactly in the middle east will be funding the $100 million dollar project since the group behind this mosque does not have the money to build it. But, that’s just me.


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  1. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    Jim, this was almost as bad as a Matthews Moment…but have to say that you could not have chosen a more flattering photo of her…hee hee hee!

    This chick is wackier than a bag of hammers.

  2. chris-os
    chris-os says:

    Read an article that made it all so simple-the Repubs pick on the scab of 9/11 every election cycle-’02, ’04, ’06, ’08 and now ’10′.

    They want the country to forget the atrocious bush years-the 2 wars, the economic collapse, etc.

    Bin Ladan is now in his glory-the Repubs have proven his point that Americans hate all of Islam, even the Muslim -Americans that have been here for generations.

    We tout freedom and equality-the next minute slamming those that are”different” without any shame. Thanks, repubs for vindicating all the beliefs of the real terrorists. And thanks for putting us yet again at risk.

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      And liberals pick the imaginary scab of George Bush, who replaced the previous "scab", Ronald Reagan.  Sometimes a simple explanation is insufficient, like a yes or no answer in a trial.


      Two wars, yes.  Both of them approved by prominent Democrats and at least one supported by them after the fact.  Economic collapse, no.  The decline started when the purse strings of Congress were held firmly by the Democrats starting in January 2007.  I have demonstrated that before, and will be glad to direct you to the reference again.  Let us not forget the drumbeat of "the worst economy since the Great Depression".  Funny we don't hear that now, huh?  Hate Islam?  Hardly.  We proved that immediately after 9/11.  No persecutions of Muslims etc.  Talk about picking a scab!  Are the Democrats temporarily switching the race card for the religion card?  Your assumption that the imam of the proposed mosque is just another nice guy has also been disproven with his support of terrorist groups like Hamas and his statements.  Americans simply ask that our sensibilities have the same level of respect as those of the Muslims.

      Bin Laden's intention was to generate hatred towards Muslims and failed.  He attacked what he perceived as a "paper tiger" after a decade of defunding the military.  Now he is the paper tiger.

      • scottm
        scottm says:

        The economy was a ticking time bomb ready to explode for a few years due to a lack of oversight in lending practices.  Add to that the sharp rise in oil prices which left people unable to pay off their loans to the predatory lenders.  There were people who saw it coming for years but nobody wanted them to rock the boat and stop the bonuses from coming in.  Invading Iraq was a mistake and the idiots who voted for it did so because they thought the political winds were blowing that way, the same reason the Democrats nominated Kerry, they figured he could get elected based on his military service.  Nobody came out against the war until Howard Dean had the courage to do so.

      • Dimsdale
        Dimsdale says:

        I agree.  Anyone that couldn't see the bubble getting ready to pop was blinded by greed.  House flipping was insane.  No down payment mortgages, worthless credit checks.  Whatever happened to PMI?

      • GdavidH
        GdavidH says:

        Dimsdale you nailed it again. Barney and Chris D.(D-countrywide) and Pres. Clinton started this. Anyone without their fingers in their ears saying "LALALALA" knows how this happened. W is partly to blame for glossing over the numbers and keeping the cost of the wars out of the budget, but he also tried to reign in  freddie and fannie AND social security. We all should have seen this coming.

        Just because the asteroid strikes on your watch doesn't mean you created the asteroid.

    • Tim-in-Alabama
      Tim-in-Alabama says:

      So let me get this straight, Nancy Pelosi says something that is not only stupid, but tyrannical, and your response is you hate President Bush? (Although you forgot to mention he choked on a pretzel.)

      You also think the mastermind of the terror attacks that killed 3,300 Americans will now hate Americans more because people speak out against the Victory Mosque designed to celebrate the terror attack?

      What if Sarah Palin endorsed the mosque? Would you be against it then?

  3. phil
    phil says:

    I guess if the terrorist killers have the right to build a monument celebrating their murders, Christians have the right to build a swine slaughterhouse, lard rendering plant and sausage factory half a block upwind of said monument.  Or would that be insensitive?

    • Wyndeward
      Wyndeward says:

      And the Nathan Bedford Forrest Military Academy in Harlem, along with the William T. Sherman Academy in Atlanta??

  4. BEA
    BEA says:

    I'm not a Republican, not one Republican told me to be outraged, or approached me for money…

    To think that millions of Americans who felt the loss of life of almost 3,ooo innocent people could not possibly be outraged at an Islamic anything being built near the mass grave of almost 3,000 INNOCENT Americans is beyond comprehension to me???

    And furthermore, it ticks me off that when anyone disagrees with this administration that they are called haters and racists.

  5. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    If the campaign to stop the building of the “Ground Zero” mosque is a "conservative right wing conspiracy", and majorities in most groups show agreement with the "conspiracy", then the Republicans should have a very good November.

  6. David R
    David R says:

    Right now the heat on this issue is so high it is probably contributing to global warming, heat waves in Russia and floods in Pakistan. Please calm down. From my point of view it is sad that Obama's clear statements on America's committment to honor constitutional freedoms has been attacked by Republicans, Democrats and citizens of other political stripes. Go back and read his comments, then tell me that he "backs" or "supports" the building of a community center with a mosque around the corner from Ground Zero? Even the name "Ground Zero" seems to add to the bitterness. What if it were instead Ground One, signifying not the end of something, but a new beginning? And what if that new beginning was a re-committment to inalienable rights, freeedom, brotherhood and justice?  All of those valued principals are based on the golden rule. "love thy neighbor" or some variation. None of which has the condition…"if thy neigbor loves you first".

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      Good point, but considering that it was a prewritten, considered and approved speech, it could have been done better.  Or not mentioned at all.

    • Odonna
      Odonna says:

      David R–The Golden Rule is a 2-edged sword that cuts both ways.  Where is this Iman trying to make his case to the New York or American public?  I do not see him trying to bring people together in good faith, apologizing to the families of the dead, or condemning the terrorist acts against innocent people.  He already has one mosque 10 or so blocks away.  Where is the evidence that it promotes peace and understanding?  I discern motives by result.  I see no Godly love or desire for unity here. 

      "Ground Zero" should remain "Ground Zero" because the war against Islamic terrorists is not over.  Only a fool would try to forget they were attacked while the enemy still plots in the night.  Or interprets "loves his neighbor" to mean turning his back after having given his neighbor a knife.  I will agree however on a re-committment to the valued principle of "Eternal Vigilance". 

      • David R
        David R says:

        Odonna; In most instances the golden rule is not conditional. Secondly: the bombing of WTC and the Pentagon probably had little to do with religion and more to do with economics.  As you probably know the  US has supported the un-democratic regime in  Saudi Arabia, the homeland of the terrorists, at the expense of the citizenry for many years.  We have done this for access to their oil at low prices, to the detriment of ordinary Saudi citizens. George B., the father, has been on friendly terms with the Saudi Royal Family for many years. When vice president, he asked the Saudi's to raise their oil prices for the good of the oil industry in Texas, and I have from a reliable source, that even asked employees to the House of Saud to invest in GW's  failed oil business.  Religion is the red herring. Historically, religion has been the stated motive for many wars when economics have been the true cause. The immediate cause of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour was the US embargo of their oil supply. Hitler invaded the east for access to resources for his people and empire. A key factor in the start of WWI was the industrial and economic threat of a booming Germany. The list goes on and on. Why: because good people like you and I will not send our children off to  war for oil, and the corporate/government power structure knows this and will always find some other excuse. That said: I believe GW invaded Iraq to secure our access to oil and to relocate our military bases from Saudi Arabia. In doing so, he may have prevented WWIII.

      • Dimsdale
        Dimsdale says:

        Sounds reasonable, but considering the amount of coastline Iran has in the Persian Gulf, and in particular, the Straits of Hormuz, it wasn't a good bet.


        Consider that, knowing what Iran was about to become, they possibility of a pincher/scissors approach to effectively surrounding Iran with a friendly Iraq and Afghanistan.  Just my theory, of course…

      • Odonna
        Odonna says:

        David R:  Jesus taught to "do unto others" and be "harmless as doves", but also to be "wise as serpents".  He did not mean for his disciples to be naive doormats.  The issue over this mosque never has been their freedom to build a mosque, as there are numerous mosques already in New York City alone.  The issue is whether this one would be a "victory mosque" to celebrate the death and destruction which their fellow Muslims perpetrated.  The issue is whether the philosophy of this particular Iman is such that he will be teaching or even implying that it is a virtue to kill Americans.  That is what the opposition is about.  I've seen no attempts by the Iman to convince the population otherwise or earn our trust.

        On the economics of aggression–I mostly agree with your historic examples.  But what sense does it make (if their motives are purely economic) for Islamic terrorists to travel halfway around the world and attack us for "supporting the un-democratic regime in Saudi Arabia"?  Seems to me it would be more efficient (and economical) for them to focus on over-throwing the Saud family.  Though from past/current examples of Islamic theocracies, I doubt any government they set up would be any more democratic or egalitarian.  Personally, I think we should develop our own resources and reduce our entanglements over there.  (I think I'm over the 50 words and off topic so I'll stop)

  7. weregettinghosed
    weregettinghosed says:

    I would have expected nothing less from her or anyone in the White House as they listen to a drummer's music with no harmony.

    We awakened on 9/11 to a horrid realization of a country at war with a people who's only argument against us is our believe in our God. Whether Christians or Jews this country believes in the same God.  What God the Islams hold allegiance  to does not have harmony within his being to produce such people of hate. We have committed no crime to have war waged upon us.

    Upon the grave of our fallen what country would permit the enemy to build a victory symbol, only one that has inwardly surrendered.

    No more have I surrendered, than any other patriotic American; so who has surrendered for us? Those at the helm are steering us towards a calamity, our God has not yet prepared us. Our beliefs give us survival instincts for freedom, it is now we must engage such instincts.


  8. Trawlerowner
    Trawlerowner says:

    This thinking by Pelosi & others is very sad. There is no reason to build a mosque near Ground Zero – plenty of other places in the city to build it. We were in NYC lst week & visited Ground Zero. VERY EMOTIONAL especially since we knew one of the people killed. A former student of my husband's at Avon high School. Muslims in general were not responsible for 9/11 but it seems to us that building a mosque near Ground Zero would be "slapping" the families of victims in the face. The one Christian church that is across the street from Ground Zero – St. Paul's Chapel – was there long before the original Twin Towers were built.

  9. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    WHY does Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have to get involved in this issue?

    Speaker of the House, call upon the NY authorities to GET BACK to the bargining table and WORK SOMETHING OUT with the Greek Orthodox Church, St. Nicholas, WHICH IS OWED a new church building.

      • Anne-EH
        Anne-EH says:

        Well considering that Pope Benedict XVI, whom the Speaker is at odds with, on issues such as abortion, with a number of other Catholic politicos, has been in continuing talks with the Greek Patriarch for all the Eastern Orthodox Christians for Christian unity purposes.

  10. Lucinda
    Lucinda says:

    It suddenly occurred to me that the reason Ms. Pelosi thinks there is organization and funding behind the opposition to build the mosque is that the left must organize, coordinate, even "hire" protesters for their side. She/they cannot fathom that Americans can be truly passionate in their beliefs and express them without organization.

  11. NH-Jim
    NH-Jim says:

    Sure, Nancy, we'll open a federal investigation into the opposition to this mosque, BUT, first, let us open an investigation into your funneling of $100,000 PAC money to your husbands real estate investment firm.  Or, let's investigate the $25 M earmark to the San Francisco Water front Redevelopment bill that would benefit her husband's four commercial rental properties,  Or, let's investigate the Early treatment for HIV Act reintroduction which would boost Medicaid coverage of an Amgen drug which would benefit your husband's $250,000 stock investment…shall I continue…

  12. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Nancy is just doing what all PC people do now. Victimize the victim. How dare she investigate anyone's motives at wanting to honor their family members who died in such a horrendous way and want to keep the ground sacred! Nancy, this is another teachable moment. You cannot respect people from another religion who do not respect you. Respect is a two-way street.  But then again why bother with Nancy. If we take away the Democratic majority she will no longer be Speaker of the House.

  13. chris-os
    chris-os says:

    "Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country," Obama said "That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in Lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances."

    When I turned on Faux News, the talk was about "Obama's Mosque"! lol

    Historic night, the troops leaving Iraq, live coverage by MSNBC and CNN and flipping channels-all Hannity, and O'Reilly talked about was "Obama's Mosque"!! After 7 years in a war that we should not have started in the first place-no mention or tribute to the 4,000+ who have lost their lives…by Faux!! pitiful, pitiful.

    God bless president obama for keeping his word, bringing these brave men home-and God bless our troops.

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      You mean "thank God for President Bush who gave this president a positive conclusion to this war and returned the country of Iraq to the Iraqis".


      I didn't see any coverage of the troop withdrawal on any of the networks until this morning.  That could just be me though.  I can't comment on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, O'Reilly or Hannity as I do not have cable.


      Re: the "Obama mosque".  I looked up the transcript for the show with Bernie Goldberg on this topic and only came up with


      Now, the media basically buys, I think — and you correct me if I'm wrong – the liberal media, you know, The Washington Post, New York Times, CBS News, this kind of thing, they buy that America's foreign policy is bad and oppressive, OK? Generally speaking. We're the oppressors. We cause all kinds of problems when they go into these places. So that they're not going to condemn Barack Obama for trying to moderate our outlook, even though Barack Obama is very aggressive against Al Qaeda. So is that's what's going on here in the reportage of the Obama mosque situation?


      You misread (or mislistened) to the sentence in question.  There is an implied slash or "and" there.  He is not calling it the "Øbama mosque" as you claim.  Unfortunate shorthand, but not what you insinuate nonetheless.


      See also the Christian Science Monitor "Obama mosque dispute: In backing plans, he parts with many Americans"

      (http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Politics/2010/0814/Obama-mosque-dispute-In-backing-plans-he-parts-with-many-Americans), Gallup "More disapprove than approve on Obama mosque remarks" (http://www.gallup.com/poll/142202/Disapprove-Approve-Obama-Mosque-Remarks.aspx); New York Post "Obama mosque retreat" (http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/obama_mosque_retreat_dvGNFwj80p7jrpSIZz7VmK) etc., etc.

    • David R
      David R says:

      Chris-os; I admire your perseverence, but your passionate statement of facts may not matter because there is always an alternative set of facts to justify being "mad as hell and not taking it any more". My complaint about our fellow readers is they treat politics like a sports rivalry where there are good guys and bad guys, black hats and white hats. Rather I'd like them to think there is bad stuff that dominates  no matter who's in charge.  And that the bad stuff, (in service to the corporate/military-industrial-Wall Street folks) has the most profound consequences for us all. It's why we make wars, engage in class warfare, and funnell tax dollars to corporate interests. And is why the middle class and poor have gotten poorer since the 70's, while simultaneously becoming more materialistic. Our income levels have dropped, while families often need two full time earners to pay bills. We have lost both income and time thanks to forces beyond party politics.

      • Dimsdale
        Dimsdale says:

        I would love to have a President and Congress (and Judicial branch) where, once elected, I could not discern their political bent.  But these offices have long stopped being "melting pots" of individuals all geared towards the betterment of the United States.   Yes, the parties are becoming more and more polarized, and the "great healer" Øbama has only made it worse.  He could have actually done some good here, but chose not to.  It isn't too late, and maybe the results of the November elections might help him there.


        Now which facts of chris's are you lauding?  Nobody is disputing the legality of the building of the mosque.  If they are, they are wrong, so that is off the table.  I think I corrected chris on the "Obama mosque" issue.  His poll reference was specious at best.  Are there others?

      • Dimsdale
        Dimsdale says:

        Pardon me!  I have been informed that chris-os is of the female persuasion!  My apologies.  Androgynous names are tough.

    • TomL
      TomL says:

      Chris, O'Reilly and Hannity both reported on the troops. If you would watch without flipping over to the cartoons every 10 seconds you might learn something.

    • scottm
      scottm says:

      Yes, seven years in a war we had no business starting.  Contrary to Vicevich we were not victorious, there is no victory.  But I am glad we got out, I can recall Obama's critics saying he was making a big mistake by setting a date for withdrawal and now are worried he will claim victory.  We liberated the country?  That's not what we went in there for.  Now, as was done during the campaign they are claiming he is a secret muslim.  What he said was that he supported the right of these people to build the islamic center.  He did not say he supported the DECISION to build there just the legal right to do so.  Also NBC nightly news did a piece on the withdrawal of combat troops and it was non political.  I hate to be the one to spoil the party but Iraq is far from stable and never will be. 

      • Dimsdale
        Dimsdale says:

        A wise president would have just stayed out of the controversy.


        So Iraq can never be stable without a strong dictator?  Nice of you to give them a chance.  As for victory, what is the definition of victory in this case?  It surely is far from the predictions of "lost" by Reid and other Democrats.

  14. scottm
    scottm says:

    He gave a reasonable response, he did not say he was in favor of it only that they had a right to do so in this country.  Mayor Bloomberg has come out in favor of it and there has been little uproar.  A wise president would not have listened to his chickenhawk staff and would have thought better of invading Iraq.  What gives us the right to invade other countries  and force them to run their country the way we want them to?  Why don't we invade China or North Korea or Saudi Arabia.  I don't think Iraq and many of the other countries can become stable  because of the lack of seperation between church and state.  Something that seems to be happening here.   How would you define victory?  Maybe Obama can stand on a flight deck with a Mission Accomplished sign that would prove we were victorious.  I thought this was part of the war on terror which has no victory because there is no end.  

    • TomL
      TomL says:

      Scott as usual obama was pandering to his audience and no one has said that they don't have a right to build the Hamasque. We just wish it wasn't at GZ. Heard a report tonight that the developer would be willing to move the Hamasque for the right price.(he bought it for 5mm and will sell for 20mm) As for Bloomberg the little uproar about his support was a 14 point drop in his approval rating. We Will Never Forget

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      The "Mission Accomplished" banner was grossly misrepresented by the Democrats to embarrass  the president.  It obviously worked well.

      "The banner was a Navy idea, the ship's idea," Cmdr. Conrad Chun, a Navy spokesman said.

      "The banner signified the successful completion of the ship's deployment," he said, noting the Abraham Lincoln was deployed 290 days, longer than any other nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in history.


      I think the Iraqis are going to be free to run their country as they see fit.  I hope they can manage to come up with a Turkey-like solution, which has produced a very successful Muslim country up until very recently (unfortunately).  Then again, it could turn out like Iran.  The decision is theirs.

      • scottm
        scottm says:

        They don't even have a coalition government, they are still on the verge of a civil war and 60 civilians were recently killed in a suicide bombing.  Everything is just rosy, we will be paying for this for a long time.  But hey, Halliburton is still there rebuilding everything that gets blown up so at least Dick Cheney and friends are happy.

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