Journalists should immediately extricate themselves from Gaza

The leader of the Hamas militant training programs in Gaza has been driving around in a civilian vehicle with “TV” imprinted on the hood. The dirty trick – making things even more dangerous for real journalists – didn’t work, and Israel targeted the goon anyway.

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Hamas uses the media as their weapon against Israel

Sure, you can call it a biased report since the video release is from Shraga Simmons at, but why not watch the video and discuss the facts? It will be our featured video for the next few days.

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Krauthammer on Gaza blockade and Israel’s options

A clear and concise opinion piece from Charles Krauthammer listing out the options Israel has had during the last 50 years.  Forward defense, then active defense and more recently with the blockade, passive defense. If none of these defensive approaches are acceptable, what’s left?

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Obligatory video post: We Con the World

Here’s the video produced by Caroline Glick and Latma TV. Glick is the editor for the Hebrew-language media satire website, and she hopes the video is distributed far and wide. We’ll do our part, bringing you the infamous Flotilla Choir.

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Gaza flotilla activists from Turkey wanted to be martyrs

Got what they wanted I guess. As I understand it, these activists have been praying to Allah asking for themselves to by martyred for years. We’ve even got a video interview with one of the activists hoping the third time is the charm. No word if it worked out for him.

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Obama administration waiting for “facts” on Gaza flotilla attack

It’s amusing President Obama won’t release a statement concerning the Gaza flotilla “peace” activist’s attack on the Israeli defense forces, while he had no problem at all stating the Cambridge Police Department acted stupidly last summer.

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Flotilla of Peace … not so much, says Israel – Video of “peace” weapons

Jim Hoft has done the aggregating … so I’m not reinventing the wheel here, but somehow this does not surprise me. As I posted yesterday (video), this was meant to provoke and it is indeed more than interesting as Peter Brooks told us yesterday that 5 of the boats “heaved to”, while one fought back. Can you say “terrorists”.

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Video-Israeli Navy Raid on six ship aid flotilla

It’s a nightmare for Israel, and information is still coming in. But based on the four reports I have read so far it appears as if this “peace” flotilla was meant to either show the world it could break a blockade or turn the world against Israel, which these days, wouldn’t be hard. It’s the latter that occurred. But the video clearly shows these peace activists were anything but peaceful. Read more

Obligatory link to Hamas firing from UN school video

What do you do? What do you do when your sworn enemies use school grounds, hospitals and mosques as bases to target you from?

Terrorists avoid uniforms and favor blending in with the civilian population to cause a hesitation in the response time, and – if attacked – use retaliatory action as propaganda. They do not just terrorize their sworn enemies, they terrorize the people the live with every day.

They oppress those who can not fight for themselves all along stating they are fighting for their freedom. Hogwash.

That said, I’d like to suggest that the United States, Israel and and any other country who would like to join us formally withdraw from all four treaties Geneva Conventions. The treaties certainly are not protecting the United States or our allies, and on numerous occiasons terrorist symphathisers have had the gaul to throw the Conventions in our face, demanding that we abide by protocols that terrorists use against us.

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To be completely up front, this video is from October of 2007 probably from one of those drones that fly overwatch throughout Israel and the territories.

Atlas Shrugs, Hot Air and Malkin have more.

Gateway Pundit has the report of two Hamas terrorist bodies being found at the school today.

LGF notes that one terrorist had strong ties to a UN school in Gaza last spring.

Here is a short official statement from the Israeli government concerning the bombing today at the UN school that looks to have doubled as a weapons cache.


Followed here by the drone (or an other aircraft’s) video from Oct. 2007.