Unbecoming of an Officer…in this case the Secret Service

The Obama administration seem to be grasping at straws.  Clutching and clawing at any idea to keep the White House
out of the hands of  former Governor Mitt Romney.  Amid the scandals of the Secret Service, lets be clear that there have been
incidences under prior administrations, George W. Bush and even Bill Clinton. Read more

DNC talking point champion walks off set during Fox News debate

Simon Rosenberg from NDN – a progressive think tank based out of Washington, D.C. – walked off the set of Fox News during a debate with conservative talk show host Ben Ferguson after being called out for spitting out Democrat talking points that are complete lies.

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Video- Libya air attack video on Fox News Crew

I have no idea if a “no fly zone” is a good idea to help the revolutionaries in Libya, but it certainly is the kind of bold move you might expect from a President. But if the young President needed a reason to step in and ground the Libyan Air Force, such as it is, this video might be it. Read more

Bret Baier has to explain again … Fox News did not mention Sherrod until after she resigned

I’ve heard from people who frequent Radio Vice Online and listen to the big radio show state Fox News commentators pushed Breitbart’s Sherrod video and suggested she had to resign immediately during the day, before she resigned. Bret Baier responds.

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Like big oil and big insurance, Fox News is now a legit target for the left

I’ve previously written how some large corporations are easy and safe targets for many on the left. In my opinion, big oil, big banks, big insurance – and during the last two years Fox News – are popular since the attacks play to their voting base, who seem to think they are always targets for getting screwed.

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“Gitmo 7” lawyers identity confirmed by DOJ … thanks to Fox News

As noted yesterday by Jim, many organizations and bloggers have been demanding transparency from the Executive Branch concerning Justice Department lawyers, hired by Attorney General Eric Holder and predecessors, who have represented terrorists in civil or military courtrooms. Fox News now has the list.

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Media note to Special Olympics: It’s not about Rahm … it’s about Palin

This is just too much and hard to take seriously, except … well I do, and tells much about the left and their supposed sensitivity to “diversity”. Read more

Poll: Fox is most trusted name in news

Apparently, it’s no longer just a slogan, but a supported hypothesis.

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Sarah Palin signs on as Fox News contributor

Interesting. If she starts doing features similar to the set up Oliver North has with Fox News (War Stories), I wonder what kind of audience she would bring to the network. Will people tune in to Fox News panelist segments even more often with Palin at the desk?

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Verbal “Bomb” throwing Democrat runs from Fox

Congressman Weiner called him “one fry short of a happy meal”. I would say that’s pretty close. I am sure Congressman Alan Grayson thinks this is his way of becoming comsequential but it’s clear when he called Fed employee Linda Robertson a”K street whore”, he jumped the shark.

A couple days ago O’Reilly sent Griff Jenkins to the Capitol to chase down the whacky wonder from Orlando to get him to respond to the various verbal bombs he has been tossing at Republicans, Cheney, women, Fox, conservatives, yada, yada, etc, etc. Purely for your entertainment.


Oh, and here’s a montage of the best of Alana Grayson. I have included a few that Sean Hannity left out. That’s no knock on Hannity … there’s just so much and so little time.


I am pretty much guessing the Congressman’s 15 minutes are just about up. Or am I being too optimistic?

UPDATE: For those of you looking for real news … Don’t miss the latest post from the former Asst US Attorney / law professor (and my sister) on the real cost of Obamacare. Just add it to her long list of great “news” posts on this crummy government health care proposal.