Sarah Palin signs on as Fox News contributor

Interesting. If she starts doing features similar to the set up Oliver North has with Fox News (War Stories), I wonder what kind of audience she would bring to the network. Will people tune in to Fox News panelist segments even more often with Palin at the desk?

I’m not exactly certain how this will work out, but why not? Originally posted by Gateway Pundit and posted on Hot Air a few minutes ago. From Howard Kurtz at the Washington Post

A Fox News executive says the network will shortly announce that the former vice-presidential nominee is signing on as a contributor.

Palin, who resigned as governor of Alaska last summer, will appear as a commentator on various Fox shows. She will also host an occasional program that will examine inspirational tales involving ordinary Americans.

Palin will join Mike Huckabee as a Fox contributor who was also involved in the 2008 campaign. The exposure can only help Palin if she decides to pursue a 2012 presidential bid.

This is not really surprising to me. I kind of like Karl Rove’s visits to the Fox News Channel and I suppose I would enjoy watching Palin involved with some good-natured sparing about the roll of the federal government.

Morrissey notes…

That’s not necessarily a bad idea anyway.  Palin is young and has plenty of opportunity to run for office, with 2016, 2020, and 2024 all being very realistic for her in terms of presidential campaigns.  The Fox appearances will give her an opportunity to hone her craft while keeping expectations in check.  Taking her time would be a smart move, and at least since her resignation from office, Palin has been making a series of smart moves.

But for those who wanted a Palin run in 2012, this could be a temporary disappointment.

Maybe she can make some time for that interview with Jim? (I’m asking, I swear!)

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  1. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Agree that it's more of an opportunity to "hone her skills" and gain more confidence with public appearances (so her fans won't be holding their breath and biting their nails on the edge of their seats at her next political foray).  Just as long as its kept dignified, or she'll lose credibility like Huckleberry Funn (sorry!).

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Give her a show and put her against Comerade Chris Matthews or Jon Stewart (or both) and watch the fun!  I bet she would eviscerate their viewership, particularly the spectacularly insipid Matthews.  Then he could have a wet feeling going down one leg to match the tingle going up the other…

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