DNC talking point champion walks off set during Fox News debate

Simon Rosenberg from NDN – a progressive think tank based out of Washington, D.C. – walked off the set of Fox News during a debate with conservative talk show host Ben Ferguson after being called out for spitting out Democrat talking points that are complete lies.

The discussion started out pretty normally and I want to point out that Fox News and host/moderator Shannon Bream handled the back-and-forth pretty well. It’s the host’s job to ensure guests are able to get their point known, and even Rosenberg has given Bream props for “trying” to moderate.

Hat tip to Big Government who points out Bream’s performance as compared to “moderators” at other venues like MSNBC. The video below is from Mediaite.


“I do not think anything that’s happened in the last few months is fear mongering.”

Ferguson had every right to laugh and refer to the “throw grandma off the cliff” video. Rosenberg continues…

Ryan’s plan would have “caused millions and millions of seniors to have much less care, and would have allowed millions of people to die more quickly.”

Ferguson points out that’s fear mongering … simply because the Ryan Medicare plan does not change one thing for seniors. Nothing is changed at all for seniors. Got that? Rosenberg told Ferguson to “shut up.”

Rosenberg actually said it was fact that the Ryan plan would “kill people prematurely.” He’s dillusional.

Rosenberg then has the guts to mention President Obama’s fiscal commission that had “very ambitious recommendations” to put Medicare and Social Security on a more sound course and is a great leader on this subject.

Oh really? Ferguson begins to call him out on that hypocrisy immediately.

That’s when Rosenberg falls apart and claims he’s not being allowed to regurgitate his talking points. Hogwash. He got his points across clearly as far as I’m concerned, and eventually he tells Bream “he’s not talking anymore” and then walks off the set a few seconds later.

Ferguson rightly notes the president completely ignored the fiscal commission’s suggestions in his own budget … that was completely rejected by the Senate.

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  1. Plainvillian
    Plainvillian says:

    Video clips like this only re-validate my decision to not have cable television in my home.

  2. RoBrDona
    RoBrDona says:

    Proud graduates of Goebbel’s Propaganda 101, in which truth is never mentioned once. Not once.??Goebbel’s exact title by the way was “Reichmarshal for Propaganda and National Enlightenment”. I see no huge difference here. ?

  3. Tim-in-Alabama
    Tim-in-Alabama says:

    I think the key to aggressively taking on the Democrats and refuting their lying talking points is … helmet hair. We need a helmet haired candidate for president.

  4. SeeingRed
    SeeingRed says:

    …and then they’ll say Fox isn’t fair and balanced because there was no Lib talker to ‘defend’ thier position….

  5. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    Boo frickety hoo…I’m so tired of these lefty types setting the stage to be criticized for their fear mongering, then getting their panties all in a twist because they’re called out for it.? If nothing else, Simon looked like the petulant jerk he surely is…just by walking away from the debate.

  6. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    That’s the way all my debates with liberal/progressive/socialists go.? You scratch through their thin veneer of certitude, and they have nothing left.? It clearly demonstrates why they need a complicit press to back them up: making statements and representing them as facts is not debate, particularly when you only have talking points to run with, and a sympathetic press will report that as favorably as possible.? Now you know why they hate Fox.? You can also see why the likes of Chris Matthews has to badger conservatives: he is afraid that he will get answers.? Answers he cannot counter.
    If Rosenberg represents a liberal “think” tank, they are in deep, deep doo doo.
    You’d better beat it. You can leave in a taxi. If you can’t get a taxi,
    you can leave in a huff. If that’s too soon, you can leave in a minute
    and a huff. — Groucho Marx

  7. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    Thank you Mr. Ferguson.? Using Democrat tactics (but much more politely than Debbie Wasserman- Schultz (D-FL)) he takes Mr. Rosenberg to task.? The key is, Mr. Ferguson uses reason instead of volume, smack and intimidation.

    And Ferguson is spot on -?? The Dems are arrogant to the point where they think they can say what they want and not be questioned.

  8. drewsco
    drewsco says:

    Ben Ferguson was acting like a boisterous idiot, and Simon Rosenberg had every right to walk away from such a “sham” right-wing interview.? “Talking?loud doesn’t mean you’re right” Ben continued to mischaracterize what President Clinton said to Ryan.?It reminds me of how Sarah Palin mischaracterized the Dems position?on ?health care reform. It truth, Ben was the one engaging in fear mongering with his continued usage of metaphors such as “throwing grandma off of a cliff”. Regardless of your viewpoint on this issue, surely you have to concede that Ben Ferguson was a?idiot.??????

  9. sammy22
    sammy22 says:

    Ask a conservative/right leaning a question and they answer w/ a question or dodge. Happens on this blog all the time

  10. Eric
    Eric says:

    Ferguson was right on the money. Rosenberg and his buddies have no idea how to deal with the issues. Typical socialist mentality. When they can’t answer a question they pretend that their being treated unfairly (as if life is supposed to be fair). The guy couldn’t explain what the liberals plan is for restructuring these two?entitlement programs because they have no plan. All they want to do is pick apart someone else’s efforts. Yup, the democrat party is the party of no ideas! Just keep kicking that problem down the road…

  11. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    drewsco: the “throwing grandma off the cliff” is an actual commercial (see a page or two back in the posts).? I don’t know how Ferguson would use a liberal commercial designed to generate fear in seniors for fear mongering in the interview.? Please explain.
    Rosenberg looked like a complete fool by leaving.? He wasn’t willing to fight to support his position, assuming he could.

  12. cherwin
    cherwin says:

    I want to know when they are going to reform Medicaid. Why all the talk about Medicare, which is NOT and entitlement program? If Medicaid was fixed years ago and the fraud that is Welfare was fixed the money wouldn’t have been drained out of Medicare to begin with.
    Until they stop the true drain on the countrym nothing else is going to work right anyways. When you can slide your welfare card through any ATM and get cash and use it for drugs, alcolhol, gambling and on and on, then there is something very wrong with the whole cheating, lying system. Medicaid, welfare is a joke and the taxpayers are the ones who have been played for fools for all these years. There are no checks and balances in the system, so anything goes and welfare goes to undeserving people who play the system like a fiddle. Far too many people qualify for Medicare at 65, including all those who collected taxpayer welfare all their lives. Medicare was set up for working people to pay into all their lives and then have health care coverage when they were done working. It has been given to everyone and their brother and that is why it is going broke. The government misused the funds plain and simple. They botched up the welfare money by giving it away to…

  13. ricbee
    ricbee says:

    I’ve seen this phenomena before; the words have no cogent facts behind them so there is no answer possible because Rosenberg believed they needed no explanation & wouldn’t be questioned.

  14. drewsco
    drewsco says:

    ?That?s exactly my point! Instead of engaging in a substantive debate on the merits of healthcare reform and having an honest discussion about what Bill Clinton said to Paul Ryan, Ben Ferguson argued how the Democrats are engaging in fear mongering.
    ?In essence, he reignited the fear narrative instead of debating health care reform on its merits…

  15. drewsco
    drewsco says:


    That?s exactly my point! Instead of engaging in a substantive debate on the merits of healthcare reform and having an honest discussion about what Bill Clinton said to Paul Ryan, Ben Ferguson argued how the Democrats are engaging in fear mongering.
    In essence, he reignited the fear narrative instead of debating health care reform on…

  16. crystal4
    crystal4 says:

    Fear mongering!
    How dare they!
    Everyone knows that has always been the purview of the right!!

  17. drewsco
    drewsco says:

    Whether the metaphor came from a Democrat commercial is irrelevant, the point is that Ben Ferguson simply wanted to steer the debate into an indictment of the Democrats instead of addressing the real issue.
    The problem-in my view-is that many Conservatives are so anti-Obama and anti-Democrat that their passions cloud their ability to see thru Mr. Ferguson?s charade.

  18. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    No, it is completely relevant: sitting there with mock piety, accusing the other side of PRECISELY what you are doing is exactly the problem and what Ferguson was trying point out while Rosenberg tried to dominate the discussion with his diatribe of talking points.? Democrats are trying to create/manipulate the narrative with false, fear generating commercials specifically like these (see also Hochul race in NY26).? Where is the analogous conservative fear mongering commercial?
    I patiently await your criticism of any, repeat, any, badgering Matthews or? “interview”.
    Where is the ability of those on the left to see through the Rosenberg charade of talking points?? Where is Rosenberg’s ability to defend them?? For that matter, where is the ability of the left to produce a budget that will effectively do nothing yet pay for all these imploding programs?

  19. sammy22
    sammy22 says:

    I thought that this post had to do w/ Fox News. Why introduce Matthews and O’Donnell into this mix? Is this changing the subject or what?

  20. ricbee
    ricbee says:

    Dear Drewsco
    “Rosenberg looked like a complete fool by leaving.? He wasn?t willing to fight to support his position, assuming he could.” He couldn’t, because there is no support for a lie.
    “The problem-in my view-is that many Conservatives are so anti-Obama and anti-Democrat that their passions cloud their ability to see thru Mr. Ferguson?s charade.” It appears the same for you,Dearest Drewsco.

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