Finally, a good TRAIN coming from Washington

This train is not high speed, and you don’t have to subsidize it forever. It is a bill that has passed the House Energy Committee and is now pending before the full House. Read more

More EPA madness

Remember earlier this year when the President directed that all administrative agencies review their rules so as to strike an appropriate balance between the need for the regulation and the economic impact of the regulation?  It should come as no surprise that the EPA either didn’t get the memo, or assumed that the President’s directive did not apply to it. Read more

Cellulosic ethanol…you can’t make this stuff up

Cellulosic ethanol, at least as defined by the EPA, is any ethanol made from plant material that is not corn.  This is good because we are currently turning approximately 40% of our corn production into ethanol, thus driving up the cost of virtually everything we eat.  However, it is bad for oil refiners, and you, in the long run, but you will never guess why. Read more

Obama’s “regulation” czar

In January, President Obama announced that, perhaps, the federal government had too many regulations that, perhaps, could be stifling business, and, in the process, costing lots of money.  So, he appointed a “regulation” czar to cull through the gabillions of federal regulations, and make recommendations about what regulations were unnecessary, and should be rescinded. Read more

New EPA vehicle labels

Last Wednesday the EPA, in conjunction with the Department of Transportation released the details of stickers that must be affixed to all new cars beginning in the 2013 model year.  We told you earlier that the initial plan, to give all cars a “letter grades” had been shelved. Read more

EPA and DOT abandon “letter grades” for cars

Last August, with much fanfare, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation decided it would be a swell idea to give all new vehicles a letter grade.  We explained the concept here. Read more

EPA to Shell Oil: on second thought, no you can’t drill in Alaska

Don’t pay any attention to what the young president says, watch what he’s doing and what he’s doing is choking off oil exploration in the United States slowly and deliberately. If the lefties win on this one America is not doomed to second place, America is doomed to be in last place. Read more

Feds pay to upgrade Mexican trucks – US trucks not so lucky

A story broke yesterday concerning the retrofit of more than 100 trucks from Mexico that do not meet United States environmental standards. Our federal government is paying to upgrade these trucks, yet when the state of California and the EPA set new rules for US-owned trucks, they fine companies who do not comply.

Read more

EPA to regulate milk spills

Yes, you read that headline correctly. The federal government has decided that spilled milk creates a serious enough danger that it needs to be regulated, and, the  EPA is just the agency to do so.  Follow the bouncing ball, here.

It seems that the EPA has discovered that milk contains,

a percentage of animal fat, which is a non-petroleum oil.

And, because oil spills can be hazardous, regulation is clearly warranted.  So, here’s what dairy farmers, as well as any places that make “cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream and the like” will need to do.  They must

prepare and implement an emergency plan in the event of a milk catastrophe.  Among dozens of requirements, farmers must train first responders in cleanup protocol and build ‘containment facilities’ such as dikes or berms… These plans must be in place by November…

Given the seriousness of this potential hazzard the EPA originally proposed additional regulations covering,

the design specifications of  ‘milk containers and associated piping and appurtenances’.

But, the EPA backed off here when they learned that those items were already regulated by the FDA, the USDA and the states.

So much for the President’s promise to eliminate regulations that have an unreasonable burden on business.

Another nonsensical government regulation

Yesterday, the EPA decided, over the objections of most automobile manufacturers, that it would “allow ” a mixture of 15% ethanol in all gasoline sold in the United States for all model year 2001 through 2006 cars.  Last October it did the same for all model year 2007 and later.  By now you know that the word “allow” in government speak means “mandate”.  But, how we got here, as well as its consequences, is yet another example of what I will call, “bureaucratic blinders”. Read more