Why Obama doesn’t need Congress

With Obama’s recent “compromise” on not raising taxes for anyone, much has been said about the possibility that Obama, like Clinton before him, is moving to the center. He isn’t, he doesn’t have to, and he doesn’t need Congress to accomplish his agenda. Read more

The EPA and sulfur dioxide: the absurdity marches on

Lisa Jackson, administrator of the EPA, is at it again.  It would appear that she will not be happy until all existing power plants are shut down, and all proposed new plants exist solely “on the drawing board”.  Her latest attack involves sulfur dioxide emissions.

Last December the EPA proposed new rules governing these emissions.  After the comment period had expired, in June, the EPA published the formal rules, but, like magic, and without comment, the new rules added a preamble which wiped out 40 years of EPA policy.

In determining how much sulfur dioxide was emitted by a plant, so as to make sure that the plant was in compliance, the EPA in the past, (and quite logically) has used actual measurements of emissions.  As of June, that procedure will stop.  Instead, to determine compliance, the EPA will now use,

computer estimations of what air quality might be.

Of course, the EPA hasn’t yet devised these computer models, so all “yet unborn” power plants will remain unborn for the time being.  

Even worse, as to existing power plants, it matters not how much sulfur dioxide is actually being emitted.  If the computer model shows that the plant is in violation, then it is in violation, and the facts be damned.

Funny thing, though, since 1980, the amount of sulfur dioxide emissions has fallen by 56%, even though the number of fossil fuel power plants has risen by 70%.  I can only assume that this type of success would eventually put the EPA’s “sulfur dioxide” division, or section or department out of business.  So, now they will have something to do…developing computer models of assumed emissions.

And, according to the EPA, the benefits of this new sulfur dioxide modeling procedure will amount to a mere $12 million in 2020.  As the article points out:

Liquidating the EPA budget would yield better returns.

More labels, this time thanks to the EPA and DOT

Not to be outdone by the FDA’s new labeling regulations for calorie information on vending machines, airplane menus, convenience stores, theaters, trains, grocery store food courts (including bakeries, salad bars, pizza bars, and delis), the EPA and the Department of Transportation have now jumped into the labeling business. Read more

Kondracke and Krauthammer on cap without trade – video

Timed perfectly with the start of the Copenhagen climate summit, the EPA announced an Obama administration endangerment ruling that would just skip the trade part of cap and trade if the government didn’t do something. Since Obama could not announce America would bend to environmental wackos, he brought this instead.

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EPA administrator admits that Cap-n-Trade will NOT affect climate change!

This is fantastic. EPA administrator Lisa Jackson testifies before the United States Senate committee regarding the proposed energy bill. Senator Barrasso asks this woman is she agrees with the Washing Post Article that debunks the myth that this legislation will affect climate change.

Lisa Jackson will have more power than the president once this bill passes so you need to pay attention to how slick this woman is. She never answers the question and her non answer is very telling.


EPA climate change position falling apart from the inside

Michelle Malkin has pointed us to a fascinating set of e-mails between Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) employees that, in my opinion, show how the agency is turning into a political organization helping to support the environmental climate change agenda of the far left.

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